The Truth About What's Really In Beauty Products


Some of you may have seen various Facebook and Insta posts by me with hashtags like better beauty and switch to safer.  Maybe you’re curious what it means?  I want to let you know why I post these and why it’s so important that you know about it.   I would so appreciate if you could do me the favor of reading on for just a few minutes.  

The FDA bans 30 ingredients from beauty products.  Europe bans 1300.  What does that tell us?  The FDA in the US is not as strict and regulations need to be made.  Many companies put ingredients in the products that we use every day that may be carcinogenic or hormone disrupters.  In addition, many companies hide ingredients under an umbrella term called “fragrances.”  Why does this all matter?  Because whatever we put on our skin, and our kids’ skin is absorbed into their bodies.  We’re all careful about choosing the right foods and selecting organic items but many of us don’t think to check an ingredient label on our shampoo or face wash.  In fact, up until I knew better, I was using Cetaphil and Cerave at the recommendation of my dermatologist.  In addition, I was using the sunscreen she recommended, Neutrogena.  If one daily swipe of lipstick or brush of mascara doesn’t worry you, what about lotion that’s applied daily, or a face wash, or body wash or sunscreen that’s applied all summer, multiple times a day.  Robin Roberts had an eye opening segment on this on GMA that’s worth a watch!


Fast forward to last April and my joining Beautycounter as a consultant, I now know that these products contain many harmful chemicals that I don’t want on or in my body, nor in my children’s products and consequently bodies.  Does that mean everyone should use Beautycounter? Of course not.  If you have the patience and energy to read labels or check them against the EWG website then you’re fine because you’ll know what to look for and what to avoid.  The amazing thing about Beautycounter is that they ban 1500 ingredients.  There are 1500 ingredients on their “never list,” items that are never found in Beautycounter products which range from anti-aging skin care, nourishing skin care for teens, tweens and even us, bath and body products for adults, kids and babies, as well as sunscreen and makeup.  They take away all the guesswork for you.  They also are lobbying congress for more regulation in the industry.   Beautycounter is about more than just selling makeup and skincare, they are about changing what’s ok and acceptable in products.  It’s a mission headed up by Gregg Renfrew who is about way more than sales.  If any product is even slightly below their standards, it’s immediately pulled.

Many people are probably annoyed by my posts and maybe even this article, but I feel like it’s my duty to share with you the truth and then you can do with it what you like.  We unfortunately know that many of the ingredients Beautycounter bans can be carcinogenic or hormone disrupters, so if I can open just one person’s eyes, I will consider that a success.  If just one reader checks their products, I will be happy.  You can check your own products through the “Think Dirty App.”  Beautycounter is also very high performing so you’re not sacrificing quality to be safer.  They spend years testing and perfecting the products and even offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product or results.  In addition, the products are no more expensive than those found at a department store.  So since you have nothing to lose, shouldn’t you “switch to safer?”

Disclaimer:  As mentioned, I am a Beautycounter consultant but am not being paid by Beautycounter for the above.  I do receive commissions for all products bought through my website.  If you’d like to order, please do so here.  And if you’re interested in joining the mission, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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