Apply:you Launches WORKshops® to Help College Grads Win Their First Jobs

Marketers Expert in Differentiation to Lead Program

To help recent college graduates take full advantage of opportunities to earn their first jobs, Apply:you is launching a series of practical Workshops®  to break the norm. Apply:you will instead apply Madison Avenue techniques to prepare them for job interviews because it’s not about getting a job, it’s about winning one.

Apply:you has accelerated its launch by six months to help the Class of ’21 as it enters into a job market eroded by the job-eating coronavirus.

Apply:you will use proven branding and storytelling techniques that will improve the odds of landing that first job by teaching applicants the skills they need to use in interviews. Apply:you Workshops® will focus on teaching job candidates how to take command of their interviews by pitching an engaging personal brand story rather than answering unpredictable questions.

“Apply:you will make an ideal gift for graduation,” said Peter B. Hubbell, founder and CEO of Apply:you. “Many parents spend upwards of $200,000 on a college education to prepare their child for success but the students aren’t taught the skills they need to get a job when they graduate. They’re still one class short of their first real job.

“Their education shouldn't stop just because they've graduated - they need practical, real-world learning to give them the advantage they’ll need to win their first job in a post-pandemic market of fewer jobs. Why not spend a little more to provide the essential skills graduates will need to get the best jobs? Parents prioritize the needs of their children especially when it comes to their success.”

Apply:you will launch the week of April 19 in Fairfield and Westchester counties. It will expand in May to areas that include New York City, Long Island, northern New Jersey, South Florida, Chicago, Boston, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, NJ.

Apply:you seeks to change the same approach that students entering the job market have used for years. “Their resumes all look the same and they participate in interviews that ask everyone the same questions,” said Mr. Hubbell. “Companies are looking to hire candidates that stand out. It’s hard to be different when your tactics are identical.

“Smart job applicants know they need a competitive advantage to win the best jobs. They’ve worked too hard not to get work. They need a new approach that emphasizes the power of differentiation, the ability to persuasively express what makes them a different and better candidate for the job. We are driven by discovering your you so you can apply it in interviews.”

Apply:you will offer two types of Workshops® led by experienced Madison Avenue branding experts: “101 Sessions” and “1:1 Sessions.”

The 101 Sessions will provide an inspirational introduction to the principles of the A:Y approach. These 3-hour group sessions will focus on self-discovery, personal branding and storytelling. Attendees will be given a leave-behind tool kit with step-by-step instructions for creating their unique winning approach.

The 1:1 Sessions will offer the same content as the 101 Workshop® with the added benefit of personalized attention. The 1:1 Workshop® can also be used as a follow-up to the 101s for attendees who want dedicated help creating their personal brand.

Both the 101 and 1:1 Workshops® will be taught by real-world marketing experts with a deep understanding of Madison Avenue's most effective branding and differentiation tactics.

Apply:you plans to expand its offerings later in the year with advanced Workshops®  focusing on Behavioral Interviews and the Targeted Selection Process, as well as sessions for Career or Job Change Applicants and School/College Applicants.

Apply:you, in line with its Graduation Gifting effort, will offer a special Introductory Workshop® this spring. The hour-long Zoom program will highlight the Apply:you approaches and techniques, with the $395 fee to be credited to the price of a full 101 or 1:1 session.

Peter Hubbell, the founder and CEO of Apply:you, is a recognized leader in the advertising industry with a prolific career that has spanned more than 30 years. He has held top positions at many of the world's leading ad agencies, notably Saatchi & Saatchi where he was a member of the Global Board running General Mills' international food business. Peter left Saatchi in 2011 to start BoomAgers, an agency dedicated to marketing to the world's baby boomers. It has since become the world's leading agency in aging, and Peter has emerged as one of the pre-eminent marketing communication experts in the global aging space. Mr. Hubbell is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Apply:you runs a series of practical Workshops® that apply Madison Avenue branding and storytelling techniques to help graduates market their way to their first job. Our approach improves the odds by teaching them the skills they need to use interviews as opportunities to pitch an engaging personal brand story rather than answering unpredictable questions. More information is available at www.applyyou.com.


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