What's Hot in 10573?

Ok, title change.  Why? Because Rye Brook, as amazing as it is, is lucky enough to be so close to Port Chester that we figured why not venture over the border to check out some hot deals that you might want to hear about! We share a zip code after all, so the "What's Hot" series that you have come to know and love has decided to include the whole zip code 10573 which Rye Brook shares with Port Chester.  Maybe a little strange mid-month but hey, its my newsletter so why not :-)

So crossing the border of Rye Brook into PC we arrive at my favorite favorite hair salon EVER, Beauty Bar and Salon.  I was, admittedly, a discount shopper.  I went wherever the deals or Groupons were.  Yes I saved money but I had one AWFUL experience and vowed it was time to get loyal to one place!  Enter Beauty Bar and Salon on Bowman Avenue, in Port Chester.

Lisa, my amazing hairdresser, literally saved my hair! My last discount experience left me with a chunk of hair missing.  Lisa calmed my fears and cut away, essentially masking it until it fully grew out.  Now I am loyal and always go to her for my cuts.  Today, I found a new favorite to add to my list there. Jaime! She's an amazing colorist who looks at your hair and suggests just the right thing to do! The salon is pleasant with a super friendly staff, offering cappuccino, water or tea to their clients.  Their prices are completely reasonable and the results are superb.

Wow did I get sidetracked! So, back to the reason for the article, "What's Hot in 10573" is this amazing Mother's Day deal! 11 blowouts for $300!  They have a gorgeous blow bar at the front of the salon where super talented stylists coiff your hair however you like. Only caveat of the deal is that you must use the blow outs within 12 months.  Not a problem for most people I know!  So treat yourself, or have someone special in your life treat you to this super deal!  You'll be glad you did!

Check out their FB page here!


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