What's The Catch? Pleasantville Farmers Market is open Saturday, 9:00am - 1:00pm

Captain Rick of Pura Vida Fisheries can be relied upon to bring our favorite seafood items, and also present us with surprises too. Keep your winter menu interesting by checking each week to see what the Captain has caught. And you're if interested in trying a new fish, ask Ryan (Pura Vida's representative at our market) for some helpful recipe ideas.

Phelps Health Tip:

"Bone-loving nutrients go beyond calcium. Bones need magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K. Get these nutrients from a variety of foods offered at the Market including cheeses, eggs, Brussels sprouts, arugula, mesclun, spinach, baby kale and "oily" fish."

Vendors: Who's In This Week?

View our Map of the Market to see where vendors visiting this Saturday will be located in the marketplace. You can also have a look at our Vendor Page for this winter's roster by clicking here -- note that each vendor's "Frequency" is listed, clarifying how often they will visit indoors each month.

In addition to our Weekly Vendors the following Rotation Vendors will be in this Saturday: 


Open When, and Park Where?

The Indoor Market is open Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. And please, adhere to the 9:00am start to allow our vendors the opportunity to prepare. Click here for directions to the Indoor Market. Click here for a map showing our three parking lots and nearby street parking.

Tired Lately? Our Prescription is Garlic

Stores of regionally grown garlic can last well into the new year. At least they would if garlic wasn't one of the most popular items at the Market. For now though, well stored garlic from the fall harvest remains abundant at Neversink Farm, Cowberry Crossing Farm and Gajeski Produce. If leafless trees and early sunsets are leaving you without energy, know that Hippocrates (the father of Western medicine himself) prescribed garlic to treat fatigue. Stock up on energizing garlic.

Visiting Organization 9:00am - 12:45pm

Axial Theater, which operates out of St. John's Episcopal Church, will visit to highlight their upcoming show Twisted Valentines. Stop by Saturday to learn about the Axial Theater, and for more information on the production click here.

Dancing Spirits Herbs

Dancing Spirits Herbs returns Saturday with delicious vinegars, natural salves, sugar scrubs, liniments and lip balms all produced using locally sourced plants and fair trade ingredients. They'll highlight some extra special vinegars like new Shiso Vinegar and a delicious Yellow Plum Vinegar. Dancing Spirits Herbs will also have items discounted with Valentines Day in mind -- attractively packaged and ready for that special someone.


Kiernan Farm: SALE

Again this week, beef Sandwich Steaks are discounted to $11.25/lb (reg. $14.25/lb). Also pork Nitrate-Free Smoked Shanks/Hocks are discounted to $5.00/lb (reg. $8.00/lb).


Spice Revolution: Cane Sugars

Spice Revolution is highlighting their hand-mixed Organic Cane Sugars with containers discounted to $10 (reg. $12). Varieties include Tahitian Vanilla Sugar, Raw Cocoa Sugar and Citrus Sugar -- perfect for anyone who plans on doing some extra sweet Valentine's baking in the coming weeks. Spice Revolution will also have Pie Bars (Chocolate, French Granola or Peanut Butter).


Demi Olive Oil

Demi Olive Oil visits Saturday with their pure, extra virgin olive oil produced from olives grown on their farm in Greece.


Neversink Farm: Fresh Radishes

Recently Neversink's French Breakfast Radishes reached maturity and began to be brought to the Market. Winter-grown, they're fresh, crisp, and less spicy than those grown in the summer. Slice them thin and enjoy with mayonnaise on a slice of toasted Market bread.


Orwasher's: Dark Chocolate Challah

Starting this week Orwasher's Bakery will have their Dark Chocolate Challah. Usually baked for Valentine's Day once a year, Orwasher's brings this treat a little earlier for Market shoppers. If a description is even needed: decadent for a dessert or a sweet snack and baked with a heart shape on top, this artisanal bread contains delicious chocolate chunks and a hint of cinnamon. Sweet!


Teagevity: Iced Tea To Go

In a hurry? Pick up an elegant bottle of Teagevity's pre-brewed iced tea. Try their popular Hibiscus Pineapple or the Blood Orange & Hibiscus.



Consider contributing food: The Market maintains a bin every Saturday so shoppers may "buy an extra item of produce" to contribute to families in need. This bin is located in the center of the Market every week. Volunteers from the Pleasantville Community Garden collect all items at the end of the day, along with donations from farmers, and deliver them promptly to organizations such as Hillside Food Outreach.

Since its establishment in June 2014, the Pleasantville Community Garden has donated a total of 29,160 pounds of fresh food! All this food has gone to kids, adults and seniors who don't have enough. This provides nutrition, which is expensive, but is very needed for people, and our communities, to remain healthy.



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