Game Time! Buffet Time! Pleasantville Farmers Market is open Saturday, 9:00am - 1:00pm

The big game is finally here isn't it? For Market shoppers every Saturday is game day, and of course great ingredients are the game changer. This weekend don't depend on a Hail Mary pass to solve your contribution to the all important Super Sunday buffet table. Know your route and execute a solid meal plan while shopping vendors in attendance Saturday at the Pleasantville Farmers Market. See you indoors!

Open When, and Park Where?

The Indoor Market is open Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Pleasantville Middle School on Romer Avenue. Please adhere to the 9:00am start to allow our vendors the opportunity to prepare. Click here for directions to the Indoor Market. Click here for a map showing our three parking lots and nearby street parking.

Who's In This Week?

View our Map of the Market to see where vendors visiting this Saturday will be located in the marketplace. You can also have a look at our Vendor Page by clicking here -- note that each vendor's "Frequency" is listed, clarifying how often they will visit the Indoor Market each month.

In addition to our Weekly Vendors the following Rotation Vendors will be in this Saturday:


Phelps Health Tip: Keep It Grass-Fed

Lead Sponsor Phelps Hospital Northwell Health shares the following tip: "In addition to environmental benefits, grass-fed beef provides consumers less total fat, more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and more antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E".

Discounts on Beef & Pork

Cowberry Crossing Farm and Kiernan Farm both provide the Market with terrific grass-fed/grass-finished beef -- perfect for party hosts making quantities of ground beef chili. This week Kiernan Farm has discounted their 6 packs of 1/3 pound hamburger patties, 4 packs of 1/4 pound patties, beef nitrate-free hot dogs, and pork nitrate-free hot dogs as well. Cowberry Crossing Farm notes they will have their pre-made hamburger patties discounted too.

Lamb Shoulder: 25% OFF SALE

Cowberry Crossing Farm will have their lamb shoulder chops on sale this week. Speak with farmer Cecile Harrison for recipe ideas to use these in your week's meal plan.

Chicken and Turkey

Campanelli's Poultry Farm and Yellow Bell Farm both keep the Market supplied with fresh chicken, whole and parts. Both farms will have 1-2 pound bags of wings, great for Sunday. Campanelli's Poultry Farm also carries a number of turkey products every week including: smoked turkey breast, ground turkey, sweet Italian and hot Italian turkey sausage.

SALE: Create A Platter With Pickle Licious

Everybody likes the person who arrives at the party with a Pickle Licious condiment platter. Platters are on SALE this week -- mix and match pickle chips, pickled veggies and numerous types of olives to create a custom platter for $27 ($40 value).

Additional Ideas For The Buffet

For additional meats check with Pura Vida Fisheries- they have fresh seafood and some smoked items as well. Potatoes are plentiful at the Market and can be used to make a delicious cheddar potato casserole. Consider broiling sliced beets, carrots, onions and parsnips to create a nice side dish. Go-Go Pops has delicious vegetable salads. Red Barn Bakery has attractive quiche. Bread Alone Bakery and Orwasher's Bakery and have crusty loaves of bread to go with Edgwick Farm or Chaseholm Farm Creamery cheeses, or with slices of Hudson Valley Duck Farm smoked duck breast.

Super Snacking

Healing Home Foods is in every Saturday with gluten-free and vegan crackers and snacks (granola too). Review from the many samples at their table to taste test these delicious party items.

Orwasher's Bakery

Orwasher's Bakery is highlighting their Cabernet Rustica. Fermented with Cabernet wine grape starter, and aerated with a touch of sourdough, then baked to have a nice crisp crust. Drizzle with olive oil to make delicious crustini, make some great deli sandwiches, or use as a base for an appetizer.

Spice Revolution: Big Game Spices!

Spice Revolution is featuring spices that are perfect for dips, wings and chili. Their selection includes Jamaican jerk mix, Adobo, Aleppo, Vadouvan, Szechuan peppercorns and many more. They'll also have early Valentine's Day gifts in the form of Chocolate/Peanut Butter pie bars, French Granola bars and hand-crafted small batch chocolate.

Bombay Emerald Chutney Company

Bombay Emerald Chutney Company knows how you can add flavor to your Sunday eats: bring their delicious Chutneys, Samosas, and Roti Rolls.

Strudel Z Is Finally Back!

Here is a way to arrive and immediately make friends: bring fresh Apple Strudel. Strudel Z has returned from traveling and will be in this Saturday (They visit on 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month).

Visiting On Saturday   9:00am - 12:45pm

Marina Stopler, Professor at Lehman College and coordinator of the Pleasantville Farmers Market's Health & Sustainability events, will visit to highlight The Mount Pleasant Public Library lecture series Are You What You Eat?  Marina will provide the final lecture of the series this February 8, 7:00pm - 8:30pm titled Food: It's All Local -- Feasting On Chickens. Stop by to speak with Marina about topics such as the growing movement of backyard chickens and the mass produced chickens which feed the local and global populace. 

Visiting On Saturday   9:00am - 12:45pm

ARC Stages, will visit to highlight their current Next Stage production Sylvia, running from February 3 - 18. Sylvia depicts a New York City upper west side apartment in the 1990s where Greg and Kate, a middle aged, upper middle class married couple, experience their newly empty nest in very different ways. Tensions increase between them when Greg brings a stray dog home named Sylvia. Greg quickly becomes completely obsessed with Sylvia, causing the couple to reevaluate their marriage. Sylvia has a timely message of the need for connection in an increasingly alien and impersonal world. This fabulous dramatic comedy by A.R. Gurney is great for adults, teens and mature tweens.

Consider Contributing Food

The Market maintains a bin every Saturday so shoppers may "buy an extra item of produce" to contribute to families in need. This week the bin is located at the Manager's Table. Volunteers from the Pleasantville Community Garden collect all items at the end of the day, along with donations from farmers, and deliver them promptly to organizations such as Hillside Food Outreach. Since its establishment in June 2014, the Pleasantville Community Garden has donated over 30,000 pounds of fresh food! All this food has gone to kids, adults and seniors who don't have enough. This provides nutrition, which is expensive, but is very needed for people, and our communities, to remain healthy.



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