Extra Green at the St. Patrick's Day Edition of the Pleasantville Indoor Farmer Market

St. Patrick's Day provides a great opportunity to gather with family and share a hearty meal. Shop the Pleasantville Indoor Farmers Market this Saturday for items to create a traditional corned beef dinner such as brisket, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables. Or consider making the recipe for Irish stew shown below. Irish color is present at Trotta Foods this week in bright green pastas. Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse, Orwasher's Bakery and Bread Alone Bakery all have their Irish Soda Breads heading to market. For corned beef sandwiches, be sure to head home with some fresh rye bread from our bakers as well.

Open When, and Park Where?

The Indoor Market. located in the Pleasantville Middle School Cafeteria,  is open Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. And please, adhere to the 9:00am start to allow our vendors the opportunity to prepare. Click here for directions to the Indoor Market. Click here for a map showing our three parking lots and nearby street parking.

Who's In This Week?

View our Map of the Market to see where vendors visiting this Saturday will be located in the marketplace. You can also have a look at our Vendor Page by clicking here -- note that each vendor's "Frequency" is listed, clarifying how often they will visit the Indoor Market each month.

In addition to our Weekly Vendors (note: Go-Go Pops is absent) the following Rotation Vendors will also be in this Saturday:


Irish Soda Breads Are In

Dan Leader and Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone will send their Irish Soda Bread on Saturday (Sharon's mother's recipe) as well as Hot Cross Buns. Orwasher's Bakery will have their own take on Irish Soda Bread. And Bobolink Farm Dairy & Bakehouse is in this week and they will have an Irish Soda Bread, made with their farm's buttermilk, local flour and currants.

Cowberry & Kiernan Farms

Cowberry Crossing Farm and Kiernan Farms both have excellent briskets and meats for stews.

Highlighted Recipe:

Corned Beef

Cecile Harrison of Cowberry Crossing Farm notes that St. Patrick's Day is far enough away from this Saturday's market to allow for brining time! She located a healthy (without salt peter aka potassium nitrate) corned beef recipe in which the brining only takes 3-5 days (usually it's 7-10).  It has an optional beet ingredient to substitute for the color usually provided by the potassium nitrate. To review the recipe click here.

Highlighted Recipe:

Slow Cooker Irish Stew (beef or lamb)

Cowberry Crossing Farm also has provided a recipe for a Slow Cooker Irish Stew that is easy to prepare in the crock pot. Many of the ingredients listed are available at the Market. Both Cowberry Crossing Farm and Kiernan Farm have stew meats. Olive oil is available from Demi Olive Oil; salt, pepper and bay leaves from Spice Revolution; and potatoes, turnips, carrots, onions and parsley are available though our farms (Gajeski Produce, Cowberry Crossing Farm and Neversink Farm).

To review the full recipe click here.

Phelps Health Tip:

Eat Your Greens!

Lead Sponsor Phelps Hospital Northwell Health shares the following: "Something many people don’t know is that the LEAVES of vegetables are richest in nutrient content, followed right after by the flowers and the stems. The darker the leaves…the greater the vitamins and minerals!  Spinach, beet greens, Swiss chard, kale and turnip greens are all high in nutrients and low in calories and should be eaten frequently!"

Chaseholm: 25% OFF Fondue Cheese Ingredients

At Chaseholm Farm Creamery they've been dabbling in the kitchen, experimenting with their new Swiss cheese: Brown Swissy. They stumbled upon a perfectly simple recipe making the most delicious fondue from a blend of their Stella Vallis and the new Swissy. To share the fun they've pre-packed a blend of these two cheeses, ready to be dropped in the fondue pot.

The kit includes their secret recipe, which requires only a few other items from the Market. Kinda like a treasure hunt, for your mouth, that begins at Chaseholm's cheese table. If anyone needs additional motivation to fondue: this week Chaseholm is offering their fondue kit at 25% OFF regular pricing for these cheeses.

Cowberry Crossing Farm: SALE

Cowberry Crossing Farm will have two great SALE items this week: 25% off Rib Steaks and 30% off Lamb Shoulder Chops.

Spoonful Of Sugar

Spoonful of Sugar will make their visit for the month of March this Saturday, so stock up on their gluten free items including gluten free/vegan Irish Soda Bread and gluten free Shamrock Sugar Cookies!

Gajeski Produce: Final Call For Cabbage

Corned beef and cabbage dinner being planned? Brian Gajeski reports he will have cabbage for one final week. Gather yours while shopping this Saturday.

What's Fresh? Neversink Farm Carrots

Neversink Farm's fresh, winter-grown carrots are back.

Trotta Foods: Green Pastas

Irish color is present at Trotta Foods this week in bright green pastas. Choose from their various Spinach Pastas or Spinach Ravioli (filled with cheese and more spinach).

Pickle Licious Hummus

Are you aware that Pickle Licious has several varieties of homemade hummus? Spread some on sandwiches, or use as a dip with bread or veggies for a healthy snack.

Consider Contributing Food

The Market maintains a bin every Saturday so shoppers may "buy an extra item of produce" to contribute to families in need. This week the bin is located in the center of the Market. Volunteers from the Pleasantville Community Garden collect all items at the end of the day, along with donations from farmers, and deliver them promptly to organizations such as Hillside Food Outreach. Since its establishment in June 2014, the Pleasantville Community Garden has donated over 30,000 pounds of fresh food! All this food has gone to kids, adults and seniors who don't have enough. This provides nutrition, which is expensive, but is very needed for people, and our communities, to remain healthy.

Photo courtesy of Bread Alone


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