The Osborn Senior Living Community in Rye Commemorates Arbor Day with Tree Planting Event

Arbor Day is celebrated in the spring – a time for rebirth and renewal. In commemoration, The Osborn community in Rye held a tree planting ceremony on April 28, adding an elegant, eight-foot weeping cherry tree (Prunus pendula). This is the 1,008th tree on The Osborn’s nationally recognized 56-acre arboretum campus. Each tree is meticulously mapped and catalogued to keep track of the variety of species.

Residents and staff were welcomed by Osborn President and CEO Matthew G. Anderson, who outlined the evolution of the Osborn campus over the past 100 years, referencing its historical and natural beauty. “The Osborn campus is enriched by the many types of mature trees we have, and adding new trees is a way of ensuring this cycle continues for years to come,” he said.

As many know, trees have a finite lifecycle. Since The Osborn is more than 110 years old, it is important to have an established replacement plan so that the landscape continues to thrive through these cycles.  “We are committed to our arboretum and will continue to plant and replant specimen trees,” Mr. Anderson added.

On hand for the tree planting event were members of The Osborn’s The Grow Getter Gardeners – a resident-led garden club that plants and tends various garden beds around campus. George Berlstein, an Osborn Sterling Park Independent Living resident who has helped catalogue the many tree varieties on the Osborn campus, helped with the planting. According to Mr. Berlstein, “The Osborn continues to manage and care for all of its trees, and has identified areas for additional planting. This responsible approach benefits those who live and work on our beautiful campus, as well as our neighbors and the greater Rye community.”

The Osborn has a rich history when it comes to tree plantings. When the community opened in 1908, one of the founders, John Sterling, made sure the trees on the campus would be impressive and that one variety of each species would be planted. That tradition continues today. In 2019, The Osborn campus was designated a Level 1 Arboretum by the ArbNet Arboretum recognition program in cooperation with America Public Gardens Association and Botanic Gardens Conservation International.


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