Pleasantville Indoor Farmers Market Has Harbinger's of Spring on March 18th

Spring arrives on Monday. Market shoppers know they can spring ahead each Saturday with purchases of fresh herbs, greens, carrots, radishes and other delicious ingredients, to create satisfying meals -- while waiting for spring and warm weather to finally arrive.

Open When, and Park Where?

The Indoor Market is open Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. And please, adhere to the 9:00am start to allow our vendors the opportunity to prepare. Click here for directions to the Indoor Market. Click here for a map showing our three parking lots and nearby street parking.

Who's Here This Week?

View our Map of the Market to see where vendors visiting this Saturday will be located in the marketplace. You can also have a look at our Vendor Page by clicking here -- note that each vendor's "Frequency" is listed, clarifying how often they will visit the Indoor Market each month.

In addition to our Weekly Vendors (note: Go-Go Pops and Kriemhild Dairy Farms are absent) the following Rotation Vendors will also be in this Saturday: 


Phelps Health Tip:

Arugula Boosts Nutrition

Lead Sponsor Phelps Hospital Northwell Health shares the following: "Arugula is a leafy green containing nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. Arugula is also a good source for calcium. When making salads at home, consider choosing a variety of leafy greens. Using these greens in salads and on sandwiches creates a more nutritious meal".

St. Patrick's Finale

Sure St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, but the following day the Market will still have some holiday treats about. Dan Leader and Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone will again send their Irish Soda Bread (Sharon's mother's recipe). And Orwasher's Bakery has two to choose from, an Irish Soda Bread with caraway seeds for St. Patrick's Day, and one they have year-round without caraway seeds.

Highlighted Recipe: Beer Battered Fried Pickles

Not a traditional recipe for the holiday, but in the spirit of gathering friends for some fun foods, Pickle Licious has shared a recipe for Beer Battered Fried Pickles. To review the recipe click here.

Axial Theater Visiting Organization 9:00am - 12:45pm

Axial Theater, which operates out of St. John's Episcopal Church, visits Saturday to highlight their upcoming show Glass Ceiling Breakers. This festival of original one-act plays by New York based women playwrights begins March 24. For more information on the production click here.

Rainbow of Color Week

Next week Foodchester, non-profit operator of the Pleasantville Farmers Market, is sponsoring a nice event in our local elementary school. Each day represents a different color for students at the Bedford Road School. Students have been encouraged to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack matching the day's color (and wear that color too). Points have been earned for fruits and veggie snacks, with teachers keeping a tally for their class. The class that has the most points at the end of the week will win the contest, and each child in that class will be awarded their own $5 Market Buck coin to use at the Market.

Mead Orchards: Winter Squash

Mead Orchards has colorful, delicious winter squash every week at the Market. Have you tried their portioned and bagged slices of Faerie Squash?

Cowberry Crossing Farm: 30% OFF SALE 

Cowberry Crossing Farm will again offer their Lamb Shoulder Chops at a 30% OFF sale this week.

Kiernan Farm: 25-30% OFF SALE

Make cold weather more comfortable with comfort foods such as a nice roast, or some easy to make ribs. This week, Beef Roasts (Sirloin Tip, Top, Bottom, Shoulder) are 25% OFF at $10.75/lb. Also (Nitrate-Free) Smoked Pork Chops are 30% OFF at $9.75/lb. Finally, for Ground Beef, by 5 one pound packages at $10.25/lb., get $10.00 OFF the total for your ground beef.

Spice Revolution

This week Spice Revolution has a new spicy blackening seasoning, perfect for all types of fish particularly Pura Vida's steelhead trout or white fish. It also works well for chicken, shellfish and tofu. They're also featuring Marjoram -- a bright, tasty, versatile herb.

Chaseholm: 25% OFF Fondue Cheese Ingredients

Chaseholm Farm Creamery has a perfectly simple recipe to make the most delicious fondue (using a blend of their Stella Vallis and the new Brown Swissy). They've pre-packed their secret recipe with a blend of these two cheeses. Chaseholm is offering their fondue kit at 25% OFF regular pricing for these cheeses.

Get Prepared:


Spinach Zucchini Risotto Cakes 

Pika's Farm Table has prepared foods that make for an easier night in the kitchen. Pika's Spinach Zucchini Risotto Cakes are very easy to prepare, they just need some time in the regular oven or microwave. These little side dishes are rice based (arborio rice), with spinach and zucchini, parsley, basil, and parmesan cheese. They come with or without goat cheese. (She also has a Lobster version). They're delicious with a salad, are healthy and they're very tasty. By the way, salad greens in the Market are pre-washed, so a side salad is a really low effort addition to Pika's easy meal suggestion.


Business Supporters Program

Fundraising provides an important contribution to the Market's operating funds, ensuring it can continue to showcase a diverse and unique selection of farm fresh, regional products for Village residents. Support of the Market by area businesses is gratefully acknowledged through our Business Supporter Program. Supporters are listed on the Market Kiosk, on the Market's website with live links, as well as in other digital and print media. Please visit the Supporters page to see our current Business Supporters. Consider supporting them with your patronage, and use the email link there to send a message if you would like to have your business join this program as well.



Indoor To Outdoor Market Schedule

Gosh, it's already time to discuss the next change of seasons -- the transition from Indoor Market Season to Oudoor Market Season. Here is the schedule to mark in your calendar:

March 25: LAST Indoor Market

April 1: OPENING DAY outdoors at Memorial Plaza


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