Nature Trek at The Bronx Zoo provides a giraffe

Nature Trek at The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has recently introduced Nature Trek, a brand new Total Experience exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. "Climb and crawl to new heights or explore the environment around you," the Zoo explains.

The Zoo boasts that participants will get a giraffe's-eye view at the mother of all tree houses. "We've built a village in the trees perfect for kids*, or kids at heart, to explore. Cross wavy bridges and crawl through elevated tunnels. Take in the view from a human-sized bird nest and balance on wiggly surfaces," they say.

The bridges, walkways, and towers are safe, fully netted, and offer accessible routes. Which means you can explore the world from a fresh point of view.

Once you've completed your climb, explore the nature play zone. "Nature Trek Play Partners will be on hand to help your imagination run wild. We'll build forts and nests, jump like a frog, and make animal tracks in the sand. They'll also help you identify local plants and animals that you may spot throughout the exhibit," says the Zoo.

Special activities are available from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on the days specified.

July 21Build Animal Homes
August 12World Elephant Day - Mud Play!
August 23Nature Art
September 16Water Play
September 30Nature Share
October 14Build Fairy and Gnome Homes
October 28Harvest Wonders


*Image courtesy of The Bronx Zoo


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