Rye Brook Police Department Vacant House Watch List



With the upcoming winter break, many residents will be travelling during the week off, if you would like for the Rye Brook Police Department to keep an eye on your home while you are away, you can request to have your home put onto the Rye Brook Police Vacant House List. Go to the Rye Brook village web site and fill out the Vacant House Watch Request Form and then submit the form by email.  Your house must be vacant for more than three days and there will be no one checking on your home while you are away. A vacant house check consists of an officer checking your residence and the surrounding area for any suspicious activity at random times as call loads permits.

Forms received after business hours will be entered the next business day.


Due to limitations of Adobe 9 or later, you cannot attach a completed form to an email, use the email button on the form to attach it to your email. 

You can find the form here: http://www.ryebrook.org/FCpdf/VacantHouseWatchRequest.pdf



... to lock your car and to not leave valuables in your car.  It takes only a moment for someone to get inside an unlocked car and to grab small items of value such as ashtray change and electronics like your cell phone, tablet or laptop.  Many times cars that were entered were left unlocked.  

Never leave your keys in your car...

... And Finally...

There has been reports of thefts of delivered packages from the front steps of homes, remember to track your packages and try to be home when you expect delivery.   If you cannot be home, ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for the package and to take it in until you arrive home.  If possible, arrange for your deliveries to be sent to you at work.  

An unattended package can be an attractive target to a thief.





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