Scarsdale's HamletHub Sat, 21 Apr 2018 17:05:20 -0400 LWVS Candidate Forum


The League of Women Voters of Scarsdale encourages informed and active participation of Scarsdale citizens in our local government and election process. This year, the Scarsdale School Board election is contested, and the League will host a Candidates Forum on Monday, April 30, 2018 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm in Rutherford Hall of Scarsdale Village Hall, 1001 Post Rd.  The three candidates for the upcoming School Board election, Woodrow Crouch, Pam Fuehrer, and Alison Singer, will be participating in the Candidates Forum.  There are two open School Board seats involved in the election.  Alison Singer is running unopposed for one Board seat, and SBNC candidate Woodrow Crouch and incumbent Pam Fuehrer are running opposed for the other Board seat.


We encourage all members of the public to attend the Candidates Forum to hear the candidates discuss issues and answer questions.  Audience members will have an opportunity to contribute questions to be answered by the candidates.  For those who cannot attend, the event will be recorded for playback on Scarsdale Public Access TV and SPTV video on demand.


The Scarsdale School Board election and School budget vote will take place on May 15, 2018 from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm at the Middle School Gym.  For more information about the upcoming election, including voter registration and absentee ballot information, please visit the voter services page on the LWVS website at

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Healthy Teen Brain Day


The Scarsdale Drug and Alcohol Task Force (DATF) will be presenting Healthy Teen Brain Day in the Scarsdale Middle School Auditorium on Thursday, April 19th from 2:45 to 6:00 PM.   The DATF invites all students in grades 5 through 12 to participate, with parents also welcome to attend.  A professional docent assisted by DATF high school volunteers will lead students on a tour through a mega inflatable brain.  The docent will discuss the effects of alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and other drugs on brain function and mental, physical, cognitive and social health across the lifespan.  An Escape the Vape Room, fun table activities, “foggles” substance use simulators, free food, information and a gift will be provided.  Food will also be available for purchase to raise funds for a summer development program for DATF youth members.  Clinicians from White Plains Hospital will be present to answer questions and distribute information.  The Scarsdale Police Department will be running a prescription drug take-back event.  At 4:20 PM, elected officials will be issuing a proclamation citing April 19th as Healthy Teen Brain Day in Scarsdale.

A more formal program, including classroom curriculum on brain anatomy, function and development, will be delivered to all seventh grade students in science classes on April 19th and 20th, with tours of the mega brain focusing on substance use prevention. 

 The DATF’s prevention program aims to help youth and parents accurately evaluate the risks of using any substances and develop healthy lifestyle attitudes and behaviors.  The program is co-sponsored by the Scarsdale School District, White Plains Hospital, the Village of Scarsdale Recreation Department, Maroon and White, the Scarsdale Rotary Club, the Scarsdale Police Department and Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling.

The DATF was founded in 1984 and has been continuously active in Scarsdale for nearly 35 years.  It was one of the first community anti-drug and alcohol coalitions in the United States.  Today, the coalition consists of many sectors in the Scarsdale community, including Scarsdale Schools, Village government, healthcare and public health practitioners, youth-serving organizations, faith-based communities, other volunteer organizations, youth, and law enforcement.  Scarsdale Family Counseling Services (SFCS) acts as lead agency and fiscal agent for the DATF.  

For more information, please email  To donate to the DATF, please visit and click on the Donate button under Contact Us.  

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The Scarsdale Rotary Club’s Ninth Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser will take place on Thursday April 19, 2018 at the Scarsdale Golf Club from 6-8:30 PM. A variety of wines from around the world will be provided by Vintology and food sampling stations will be provided by local restaurants: Muscato, Chat, Meritage, Lange’s Deli, Chef Victor of the Scarsdale Golf Club, Ruffled Feathers, Raasa Indian Cuisine and desserts by Martines. The event will feature a live auction of high end items, a raffle of restaurant certificates and a door prize by Wilson and Sons Jewelers.

The Event will support the Scarsdale Rotary Club’s new partnership with the Rotary Clubs of New York City and San Juan to help families who still are living without power or access to clean water in Puerto Rico: a portion of the proceeds will be used to purchase solar lights (some with built-in phone charging stations) and portable high volume water filtration systems.

As in past years, the event will support charitable projects as well as grants to five designated charity partners (The Greenburgh Nature Center; Lakota Children’s Enrichment; Scarsdale & Edgemont Family Counseling Services; The Scarsdale Foundation; and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps), and discretionary grants awarded through an application process. The discretionary grants awarded this year went to the Children’s Aid Wagon Road Camp, Girls Inc. of Westchester, Haiti MaryCare, Hospice of Westchester, The Luke Moretti iPad Program at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, Make A Wish of the Hudson Valley, My Sister’s Place, Pace Women’s Justice Center, and the Scarsdale Task Force on Drugs and Alcohol.

To learn more about the Scarsdale Rotary Club, or to purchase a sponsorship and/or tickets to the April 19, 2018 event, please visit the Club’s website at 


The Scarsdale Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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The Scarsdale Procedure Committee Invites Voters to Submit Suggestions to Improve the Non-Partisan System

The Scarsdale Procedure Committee (PC) announced today that its organizational meeting was held on March 26, 2018 at Village Hall. According to PC Chair Madelaine Eppenstein and Vice Chair Eric Cheng, the Committee is inviting Scarsdale voters to submit their suggestions about how to improve the non-partisan system’s governing document and the Citizen’s Nominating Committee processes:

“The Scarsdale community’s non-partisan system of electing qualified candidates for village office, which has worked well over its long history, is governed by the Non-Partisan Resolution (NPR) – a living document that has been amended 41 times since its adoption, most recently in November 2012. The system establishes a method for selecting a slate of candidates for Mayor (every two years), Trustees (every two years, staggered terms) and Village Justice (every four years). Periodically, the community is asked to consider proposed changes to improve the system by means of one or more amendments to the NPR, which are ultimately submitted to the electorate for a vote. This is one of those pivotal opportunities for the public to weigh in and share their views as part of the review process.”

The Procedure Committee's mandate is to administer the annual non-partisan procedure for the election of voting members of the Citizen's Nominating Committee (CNC) and to publicly explore potential revisions to the NPR. The CNC in turn nominates a slate of non-partisan candidates to run for election to the positions of mayor, trustee and village justice that may be open in any given year. CNC members are elected by their neighbors to vet and select candidates for Village office as part of the non-partisan system.

Up to 23 members of the PC include a chair and vice chair, 10 members who are appointed currently by the president of the Town and Village Civic Club (a 501(c)(4) Village civic organization), 2 representatives designated by the chair of the Confederation of Scarsdale Neighborhood Association Presidents (SNAP), and the most recent retiring class of 10 voting members of the CNC.

According to Procedure Committee chairs Eppenstein and Cheng: “ All comments received from Scarsdale voters and community organizations during the month of April 2018, and any prior recommendations made, will be reviewed by the Procedure Committee during the month of May 2018. By June 1, 2018, the Procedure Committee plans to submit to the community, for public comment, any potential proposals to amend the Non-Partisan Resolution as part of the required 90- day public review period. At the end of this formal public review, the PC will propose amendments that, in the Committee’s judgment, should be presented to the electorate for a vote in the CNC election on November 13, 2018. The entire procedure for the amendment of the Non-Partisan Resolution is contained in Article IX of the NPR at

The members of the 2018 Procedure Committee are: Charles Baltman; Sarah Bell; David Dembitzer; Eric Cheng; Madelaine Eppenstein; Timothy Foley; Jeff Goodwin; Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez; Eli Mattioli; David Peck; Richard Pinto; Pam Rubin; Greg Soldatenko; Jill Spielberg; Eve Steinberg; Nancy Steinberg; Michelle Sterling; and Bruce Wells. For more information visit the Procedure Committee website at


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Scarsdale Recreation Camp Information

Scarsdale Recreation Summer Day Camp

Village Hall — Parks and Recreation

1001 Post Road

Scarsdale, NY 10583

(914) 722-1160

Director: Jim Andreski 

Philosophy: We provide a wide variety of recreational and educational programs for all campers. Camp open to Scarsdale residents only. 

Enrollment: Approximately 900 campers grades K-8

Camper-counselor ratio: Kindergarten, 6:1; first grade, 6:1; second grade, 8:1; third-eighth grade starts at 8:1 and goes up to 12:1

Calendar: Monday, July 2-Friday, Aug. 3

Hours: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Transportation: Provided from each elementary school, Scarsdale High School, George Field Park, Kids’ BASE and Scarsdale Pool.

Fees: Early bird fee by signing up by April. Full-day season $995. Weekly options also available.

Special programs/other: Combination camp: campers in third-eighth grades can choose soccer or sports camp in the morning and regular day camp in the afternoon (separate fee). Specialty elective programs will be offered during the season for third-eighth-graders (additional fee).


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Thank You, Scarsdale

We want to start with the most important words we can say:  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Scarsdale.

As volunteers ourselves, we appreciate that Scarsdale’s strength is the depth of commitment and generosity of so many residents who give freely of their labor, time, and expertise to make our community better.  

For the second year in a row, Scarsdale voters came out in large numbers to cast their vote in a Village election.  Over many weeks, volunteers for all four candidates passionately urged their friends and neighbors to execute the most important responsibility of citizens — to show up, participate, and be counted.  We believe the hours spent on the phones, on social media, debating on Letters to the Editor pages, participating in or attending the League of Women Voters forum, knocking on doors, shaking hands at train stations, and distributing palm cards demonstrates a level of engagement that we plan to carry over as we shift from the excitement of campaigning to the thoughtful work of governing.

Alongside our deep gratitude, we're also humbled by the responsibilities that come with such robust support.  When we stood before the 30 elected volunteers of the Citizens Nominating Committee, representing a diverse cross-section of our community, we knew what would be expected of us. We know that we are the latest in a long tradition of volunteer public servants who have come through the non-partisan system.  Our Village has a long track record of elections that have been free from the corrupting influence of money, special interests, and acrimonious partisanship. We are the envy of neighboring municipalities due to our emphasis on character, judgment, and good government.  It will be up to us to continue to prove the wisdom of our unique system through our actions as Trustees. We take this responsibility seriously, and we are honored to serve.

With gratitude and hope,

Justin, Lena and Jane

]]> (Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Jane Veron) Politics Sun, 25 Mar 2018 05:11:29 -0400
PT Council Statement re 2018-19 Draft School Budget

The PT Council Executive Committee and the PTC Budget Study Chairs would like to express our gratitude to the District Administration and the Board of Education for all your time and energy this past year, especially for your extensive work around our most recent bond, securing a better future for our District. We also thank you for your continued efforts in making the budget process more collaborative and for taking steps to encourage more active engagement and dialogue though we would like to see improvement on the timeliness of community outreach efforts and the posting of the detailed agendas at least a few days prior to the Monday Board meetings. Overall, we support the 2018-19 draft budget proposal and have the following comments:

We appreciate the administration’s very conscious effort in drafting a budget that is mindful of the constraints and uncertainty that our community faces with the new federal tax legislation. However, we do support budgetary increases for items that reflect the needs of our District and community. At the final budget study session, the Administration presented the Board with a post-draft budget book request for an additional $250K for security, introduced in the wake of the Parkland tragedy, with half of that money allocated to unspecified infrastructure expenditures and the other half to the creation of a Director of Security full-time consultant position.

We support the proposed addition of a consultant position that focuses on security but we ask that this candidate also be responsible for prioritizing safety concerns, which may occasionally be at odds with school building security. We recognize that security enhancements and restrictions may also bring unintended consequences that likewise impact our children’s overall well-being. For example, physical barriers intended to limit entrance into school buildings may likewise slow down or impede mass exodus in the event of higher incidence events such as a fire evacuation.

Challenging as it may be to find the right balance between safety and security, we need those two realms to work in concert with each other. With the additional funds to implement some of Altaris’s recommendations, we trust that the District and Board will be proactive rather than reactive or reactionary, will solicit input from all affected parties before implementing new protocols, and will promote the adoption of changes to staff, parent, and student behaviors and patterns that will improve the security and safety of our schools so that our students can continue to learn in a nurturing and open environment.

We hope that the full time Director of Safety and Security can also offer some new ideas and concepts on changing how transportation and traffic is handled at our schools. For years, transportation, parking, and traffic congestion during arrival and dismissal times have been a prevailing problem in our District. Parents have asked to broaden the eligibility of District bus transportation and to reroute traffic to increase efficiency during high-traffic volume timeframes. Other school districts have implemented universal busing, staggered arrival and dismissal times, and increased pedestrian walkways and bike paths, but we have yet to find a solution to issues surrounding traffic in our school neighborhoods. We hope the District Administration and Board can offer parents some new concrete ideas in the near future and give thoughtful consideration to this persistent safety concern.

The Butler Field and the Fox Meadow Elementary School playground renovations are plant improvement projects in this year’s budget that also have safety implications. In last week’s budget forum meeting, two community members expressed deep concern about synthetic turf and rubber crumb fields. We hope that the District Administration and Board will make every effort to make the most informed and data-driven decision about what type of materials will be used to replace the existing field. Fox Meadow parents have also raised concerns about using the circular driveway in the front entrance as a play area during recess when the upper playground is unable to be cleared of snow; we support renovating the existing upper level playground area as to render this arrangement unnecessary.

Recognizing that air cooling and/or conditioning was not addressed in the 2018 School Bond Referendum, the PT Council Executive Committee and Budget Study Chairs are looking forward to hearing what the future plans and timeline may be for improving air circulation, repairing and/or replacing air conditioning units where they exist, and addressing temperatures in student spaces that currently do not have air conditioning, from both an environmental and budgetary perspective. As indicated in the building-level committee reports generated in 2015-16 during the initial phases of development of the 2018 Bond, many of the building-level committees have prioritized this issue, particularly for those classrooms that are most impacted by sun and heat in the beginning and end of the school year. We ask for continued attention to this matter as well as expanded communication efforts to gauge community support for funding any proposed solutions in a fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

The PT Council Executive Committee and PTC Budget Study Chairs also look forward to hearing additional future facilities plans and projected upfront costs that may result in long-term savings, such as solar panels for the roofs. We support the referral of those discussions to the District sustainability committee for further development and analysis. As stated previously with regard to the 2018 Bond, we agree that the question of whether to fund such projects with an energy performance bond or through some other mechanism merits further inquiry. We encourage the District to continue building-level and district-wide discussions designed to determine whether and how to address any of the remaining items that have been identified as building-level or community facilities priorities. As the Board has previously suggested, the district has a long “wish list” of facilities and other projects -- not all of which may be appropriate for a public school district to undertake at taxpayer expense. We would like to see a detailed timeline and cost estimate of those long-term facilities projects that were not addressed in the 2018 Bond or next year’s budget. Those wish lists need to be assessed and prioritized in a comprehensive manner for their relative importance and impact. For example, and in no particular order, we recognize that the following facilities projects have been raised at various times: air conditioning, the A-School and CHOICE buildings, the need for large group multipurpose space at SMS, the utility of constructing bathrooms at SMS that would be accessible to students practicing on the field, learning resource center and administration room renovations at SHS, fitness center expansion at SMS, the need for spaces in the elementary schools that can accommodate collaboration between classrooms and co-taught or bridge classes, and replacing classroom casements and storage units with solutions that are portable and adaptable to different needs. Further community education and engagement are appropriate to determine how to prioritize, further explore, incorporate, or eliminate those items from the district’s future plans. Next year, though the arrangements may be budget neutral, our District will be assuming full responsibility for school lunch programs, including food transportation and other logistics, in Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, and Heathcote, while continuing to provide school lunch at SHS, SMS, and Quaker Ridge. We understand that the District has assessed the capacities of the existing kitchens and cafeterias at SHS, SMS, and Quaker Ridge and has determined that the District will be able to implement food service next year at all seven schools without the need for any significant facilities work or budgetary additions -- despite the fact that four elementary schools do not currently have kitchens or cafeterias. Our hope is that the District Administration and Board increase their attention to gathering feedback from the maintenance and facilities teams in each of the schools and from the student body and parents, as appropriate, to make this transition smooth and operational.

The PT Council Executive Committee and the Budget Study Chairs would appreciate continued support around improving nutritional offerings, food quality, and choice while also focusing on efforts to address issues of long lines/wait times, shortages of popular menu items, and implementation of online pre-ordering systems for students in all seven schools.

Thank you in advance for taking our comments and feedback into consideration and for being open and willing to hear our suggestions. We thank this Administration and Board again for your remarkable 2 dedication and time in ensuring that our children continue to learn in a district that is at the forefront of educational excellence and innovation and for always raising the bar in securing a brighter tomorrow for our children.


The 2017-18 PT Council Budget Study Co-Chairs:

Susan Lee Foley

Wendy Huo


The 2017-18 PT Council Executive Committee:

Diane E. Baylor, PT Council President

Amber Yusuf, PT Council Vice President

Isabel Finegold, PT Council Secretary

Dana Matsushita, PT Council Treasurer

Beth Zadek, Scarsdale High School PTA President

Olga Eligulashvili, Scarsdale Middle School PTA President

Samantha Carter and Sara Farnsworth, Edgewood PTA Co-Presidents

Aidan Cassidy, Fox Meadow PTA President

Megan Simon, Greenacres PTA President

Gina Waldman, Heathcote PTA President

Suzie Hahn Pascutti, Quaker Ridge PTA President

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Library Capital Campaign Hits $7 Million Mark; Three Donors Offer a Matching Challenge to the Community

The fundraising campaign for the transformation of the Scarsdale Public Library has moved past the $7 million mark and received a major injection of support from three donors who will match every dollar now raised to reach and exceed the $7.5 million goal.

            “Community response to the campaign has been exhilarating,” said Dara Gruenberg, Campaign for Excellence Co-Chair. “As we push toward the finish line, we have the added support of this Challenge Match from generous donors who want to motivate the community to reach our goal as quickly as possible.”

Gruenberg said the Campaign Committee is aiming to maximize community participation. “If you haven’t contributed or you’ve already contributed, every new donation will be matched, dollar for dollar doubling your impact.” 

As part of a funding agreement with the Village of Scarsdale, the library agreed to raise $7.5 million in private funds, and the village will contribute $9.9 million of public funds. 

            The Challenge Match is retroactive to gifts made from March 10. 

            Elizabeth Bermel, Library Director, reported that the project to transform the library is on schedule with construction bidding underway.

"Our thanks go to the dedicated Campaign Committee and our donors for reaching this milestone in the Campaign for Excellence,” said Library Board President Diane Greenwald. “The Library Board is deeply grateful to all for their tireless volunteer efforts and generosity.”

The Scarsdale Library project follows years of careful planning. The renewed, expanded building will add public spaces and services found in the best libraries, state-of-the-art technology, multiple conference and meeting rooms, an enlarged children's area, a business center, a maker space, a teen zone, and a café making the Library a gathering place for the entire community.  Please visit to make a contribution. 

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Scarsdale PT Council Sports and Formals Swap

The annual PT Council Sports and Formal Swap returns this year on Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 10am to 12pm at Scarsdale Middle School!  The best deals on sports equipment and dressy clothing for youngsters will be coming soon to Scarsdale Middle School -- please note the change in location from the past few years.

PT Council will be accepting gently used sports equipment (no skis), musical instruments, and youth formal wear.  This event is a great spring cleaning chance to rid your basements, attics, and garages of all those outgrown bicycles, baseball and softball bats, tennis rackets, and lacrosse and field hockey sticks.  Clear your closets of fancy apparel that no longer fit your growing children.

Merchandise drop off will be at Scarsdale Middle School, 134 Mamaroneck Road, from 5 to 7pm on Friday, March 23, 2018, and from 8 to 9:45am on Saturday, March 24, 2018 (before the Swap opens to shoppers).

Donors may obtain a receipt for tax purposes.  All proceeds support the Scarsdale Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, the 501(c)(3) umbrella organization over all seven Scarsdale PTA units.  PT Council informs and advises the PTAs as they fulfill their mission of promoting the welfare of their students.

If you have questions about this event, please send email to with “Sports Swap” in the subject line.


]]> (Scarsdale PTC) Neighbors Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:40:03 -0400

Due to unfavorable field conditions as a result of the recent storm, The Recreation Department’s annual SPRING EGGSTRAVAGANZA will be POSTPONED one week.  The event will NOT take place this Saturday, March 24th, but will be held one week later on SATURDAY, MARCH 31st at Quaker Ridge Elementary School from 1:00-2:30 PM.  Join us for a Springtime magic show, our annual EGG HUNT, and a chance to win prizes!  Admission is free and no registration is required.  Don’t forget to bring a bag or basket for your eggs, and a camera to take your picture with a special long-eared, furry visitor! 

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School Closure Tomorrow! March 21st

Good Evening Students and Families, 

I am writing to notify you that all schools will be closed tomorrow due to expected weather conditions. Of course, this also means that there will be no before and after school programs or meetings. It is our intention to reopen schools at the earliest possibility. But please note that we do not notify families to let you that school is in session. Therefore, you will not receive additional messages unless there are further closures.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility, and hope you have a wonderful day.

Dr. Thomas Hagerman,

Superintendent of Schools

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Letter to the Editor: Scarsdale Is the Community We Love and Want to Serve

In the wake of back-to-back destructive storms and a response by Con Edison that was woefully insufficient and prompted outrage throughout Westchester County, too many of our friends and neighbors had to endure very dark days.  But even in our darkest days, our Village shone brightly.  

These past weeks have reminded us again of how unique Scarsdale really is, why so many families move in each year to be part of this community, why so many Scarsdale High School grads return to raise families of their own, why so many empty nesters willingly pay a premium to stay, and how privileged we are to call Scarsdale our home.

Examples were everywhere. Our police and firefighters were stretched thin during the state of emergency, but took on all challenges with professionalism.  Our Village staff, especially the tireless workers of the Department of Public Works, went above and beyond.  The Village Manager’s office basically lived at Village Hall.  The DPW cleared roads, removed trees, partnered with Con Ed’s restoration crews, and went the extra mile day-by-day and hour-by-hour to come to our residents’ aid.  The Public Library extended its hours to provide warmth and good cheer to residents without light and heat, and the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps opened its doors so residents could charge their phones, take a shower, and have somewhere warm to go.  

While residents in big cities might have needed to take refuge in temporary shelters for days on end, with little dignity and less privacy, here in Scarsdale, so many of you opened your own homes.  We saw again and again on social media, “Come over.  Sleep over.  Share our heat.  Use our washer and dryer.  Take a shower.  Feel human.  Charge your devices.  Share our food.  Tell us how we can help. We’re here for you.  Our home is your home.” With very few exceptions, individual agendas were put aside.  Your generosity was overwhelming.   

The Scarsdale we saw in the face of the storm was the Scarsdale we love, and the Scarsdale we want to serve. To work our hardest every day for people with this level of passion, accountability, and thoughtful engagement is what we signed up for when we stood before the Citizens Nominating Committee, the elected group of volunteers, representing a diverse cross-section of our citizens and hailing from every school district.  

What they expected, and what you expect, is clear to us.  We will need to listen to the whole community and hear every voice, not just the loudest ones.  We will need to do our homework, gain a deep understanding of each issue before we opine about it, and take no decision lightly.  We must debate vigorously but respectfully. We will need to look over every line item of every budget, sometimes dozens of times, to make sure every last dollar of our taxes goes into providing the high level of services Scarsdalians expect and deserve.  We will need to proactively reach out to everyone, to hear your new ideas, your hopes, and your concerns, to share information, and to invite you to fully engage in this ongoing project of democratic self-governance.  

We’re committed to this.  We each know from our years of experience, volunteerism, service, and leadership in Scarsdale that no one person has all the answers.  As the saying goes, it takes a Village.

If we earn your vote on March 20, these are among the big and complicated issues that we’ll be focused on:

A Budget That Strikes the Right Balance Between Fair Taxes and Excellent Services.  With a new federal tax reform law that makes state and local taxes, including our Village property taxes, more burdensome, we need to provide you with confidence that we are spending our tax dollars prudently and efficiently.  This will not be easy.  Keeping taxes as low as possible while providing the services you deserve and expect was challenging even before federal tax reform. The single biggest line items in our budget each year are salaries and benefits, nearly all of which correspond to binding contracts. While the Village has improved its ability to stay under the state tax property tax cap, the increase in health insurance costs alone for Village employees is often three to six times the cap.  There’s no magic gimmick, and no substitute for hard work.  But our AAA bond rating is a testament to our sound fiscal practices, and we will continue in that tradition.

Support for Those Who Keep Us Safe.  No amount of praise for our police and firefighters can ever match what they do for our community.  This year, they have solved high profile robbery cases, responded to acts of nature, continued their efforts to improve traffic safety, and prepared for the unthinkable in the wake of unspeakable national tragedies.  They’ve done this while also handling the small, personal, and sometimes quirky cases of small Village life with empathy and professionalism.  Our first responders need our support, our continued investment, and our thanks.

Create a Vibrant Village Center.  Despite the disruptions e-commerce has brought to traditional brick and mortar retail, we have made progress in revitalizing our downtown area.  From the Farmer’s Market to pop-up art and concerts, from Light the ‘Dale to pilot programs making parking more efficient, from recruiting new merchants to planning for possible redevelopment (including the Freightway project), we need to keep the momentum going, and bring merchants, property owners, residents, and consumers together to enhance our Village.

Continue to Make Scarsdale the Model of a Sustainable Community.  Scarsdale has always been a leader in our County for recycling, for the protection of our natural resources, and for the sustainability practiced in our schools. Recently, our composting efforts have become the model for other Westchester municipalities to follow.  Whether it is the rollout of cost-saving and environment-friendly LED lights, continuing to educate residents and landscapers about the virtues of leaf mulching and “grasscycling,” taking a closer look at our regulations for overdeveloped lots, or continuing to listen to the community in search of the right balance between individual property rights and protecting our tree canopy from overzealous developers, we owe it to our children to leave them a Scarsdale that is better than how we found it.

Better Communication and Deeper Engagement with the Community.  With the establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee on Communications, our local government has made great strides in getting you the information you want and need, and encouraging you to get involved in Scarsdale’s discussions, debates, and countless opportunities to volunteer.  We need to use all of the modern tools of communication, including the web and social media, to make sure you know what we’re working on, why we’re working on it, and how you can get involved.

Scarsdale has had its share of controversies these last few years, some superficial, some deeply felt.  At times, the angriest voices were the loudest.  Perhaps it sometimes felt like deliberate division of neighbor vs. neighbor, not practical problem-solving, was the intended outcome.  But we know that there is more that unites us than divides us.  We know how special this community is.  We have all been reminded that when challenges arise, our ability to come together is undiminished.

We love Scarsdale.  We love being your neighbors.  And we ask for your vote on March 20.

]]> (Justin Arest, Lena Crandall, and Jane E. Veron) Politics Sat, 17 Mar 2018 09:46:02 -0400
Letter to the Editor: Berg and Veron are Worthy of Being Scarsdale Trustees

I know Bob Berg very well. I have worked with him in the Education and Assessment committees and the Board of the Scarsdale Forum. I was also the campaign chair of the Voters Choice Party last year when my husband and he ran for office, along with two other great residents. What have I learned about Bob Berg after working with him very closely for three years? Like all of us, he is an imperfect human being, and has the self-awareness and good humor to admit it. Bob is incredibly bright and rolls up his sleeves to help write reports in the Education and Assessment Committees of the Forum. He asks thoughtful questions. He is a very good listener. He lets everyone express his or her opinion before sharing his. He is ethical. He is very quantitative and has a high level of empathy for people who were so negatively affected by the Ryan train wreck. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I will vote for Bob Berg, of the Voters Choice Party, because Village Hall needs someone with his intellectual capacity and kindness.  

I will not vote for Lena Crandall, because under her leadership I have witnessed irregular and unethical processes at the Scarsdale Forum in report writing last year and in the Forum’s Nominating Committee this year. Additionally, she is an ardent Trump supporter. Given my views on immigration, bank regulation, gun control, women, minorities, Mexico, and humanity, I could never vote for a person who voted for him. 

In addition to Bob, I will vote for Jane Veron of the Citizens Non-Partisan Party. I have never had the opportunity to work with her. My husband has interacted with her in various civic projects and is a big fan of hers!   I have heard the kinds of smart questions she asks at Village Board meetings. She also pays attention to residents when they come before the microphone to express their concerns. She is very involved in downtown revitalization, which is critical to improving the living stands of Scarsdale residents. During the storm last week, I wrote to the mayor and Jane about my family’s five-day power outage. She responded immediately; I am still waiting to hear from the Mayor.  Like Bob, Jane is very intelligent, data driven, ethical, and empathetic, qualities which are very much needed at the Board of Trustees. I thank Jane and Bob for their tireless work for the betterment of Scarsdale, and I wish them the very best.

Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez is a Fox Meadow resident active in the elementary school, Scarsdale Forum, and the Old Scarsdale Neighborhood Association. The views above are mine and do not represent those of the aforementioned organizations.

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Pam Fuehrer To Run As Independent Candidate for Scarsdale School Board

To the Editor,

I recently learned that the School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) did not recommend me for election to a second term on the Scarsdale Board of Education.  I appreciate the time and effort of the SBNC members, but considering the diligence, thoughtfulness and sensitivity with which I've met the important responsibilities of a school board member these past three years, I am deeply disappointed with the decision not to nominate me for re-election.  Given my 13 year commitment and experience listening to, reporting on, and helping to resolve the needs of students, parents and faculty across our District, I know that I continue to have valuable contributions to make.

Over the years, my top priorities have been the educational experiences, concerns, and safety of our children, families and staff.  Prior to Board work, I led the Edgewood PTA effort as PTA president to replenish our savings and to budget more accurately to ensure continued financial support for programmatic opportunities.  As PT Council Vice President, I led an ad hoc PT Council curriculum committee, which represented and discussed parents’ requests with Assistant Superintendent Lynne Shain throughout her first year, resulting in a detailed presentation of all curriculum on the District’s website.  During a second term as PT Council Vice President and as PT Council President, I was an integral part of the collaboration between the Scarsdale Teachers’ Association and PT Council to craft the Parent-Educator Partnership Guide.  This document, also currently on the District’s website, provides counsel on how, when and where to appropriately raise issues and provides answers to frequently asked questions. 

As a Board member, I have supported District efforts to establish a STEAM curriculum, a new program at the high school for emotionally challenged children, and an improved writing curriculum at the elementary schools.  I’ve participated in the negotiations of 5 labor contracts and in all 2018 Bond presentations, discussions and deliberations.  This Bond includes a number of projects improving the security and safety of our children.  I was a member of the Greenacres Building Committee which recommended a safety monitor, air quality and noise monitoring, temporary HEPA filtration during all phases of construction, and the installation of air conditioning in the old multi-purpose room and library.

We are at a pivotal time for Scarsdale schools. We have been engaged in long-term planning of all types.  I believe my institutional knowledge and thorough, multi-year understanding of ongoing critical issues, such as community participation, communication, contract negotiations, budgeting, facilities discussions and projects, superintendent evaluations and fiscal planning, have provided and should continue to provide valuable leadership and input to the District and Board as a whole.  I am planning to run as an independent candidate along with those nominated by the SBNC so that I might continue the important work I enjoy so immensely and which is so essential to our community.  I appreciate the support and encouragement that I have already received by so many.

PFUEHRER3@GMAIL.COM (Pam Fuehrer) Politics Fri, 16 Mar 2018 11:10:05 -0400
SCNP - Meet the candidates

The Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party (SCNP) announced today that it will host a “meet and greet” event with its slate of candidates – Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Jane Veron -- on Sunday, March 18, 2018. The event will be held at the Scott Room, Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Residents will be able to meet and learn about the experience and qualifications of SCNP’s candidates running for the office of Trustee. There is no charge for the event and refreshments will be available.

According to Campaign Committee Chair, Jon Mark, “With the election around the corner, we want to make sure the public has access to the candidates with the most significant and relevant experience for the challenging job of running Village government. The Citizens’ Non-Partisan candidates, Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Trustee Jane Veron have the qualifications and temperament to lead.”

Mark noted that “SCNP candidates have been chosen by the Citizens Nominating Committee – a committee of thirty residents representing a cross section of the Village by geography, age and even their length of residence in the Village which ranged from two years to over 50 years. The committee members were elected by their neighbors to vet and select candidates for Village office. This non-partisan system has been in place for more than a century and remains as vibrant and relevant today as it was at its inception.Over time, the track record speaks for itself. Our real estate is in exceptionally high demand for the schools, services and the way of life offered by our special community. Scarsdale has a AAA financial rating because of decades of competent non-partisan leadership of Trustees on our Village Board. The Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party is proud to continue the 100-year tradition of CNC-researched candidate endorsement.”

Kindly RSVP by emailing to: Facebook Event Link:

The General Village Election will take place Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Al1 Election Districts will be voting at the Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road. Hours of the election are 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon to 9:00 p.m.

Need a ride to the polls? Let us know at VOTE ROW B (straight across second row) for the SCNP candidates: Justin Arest,

Lena Crandall and Jane E. Veron for Trustee.


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