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According to the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), in 2018 over 70 percent of consumers had participated in wellness activities on their last vacation, and 40 percent are interested in booking a wellness-related vacation in 2019.

Today, people of all generations including millennials and baby boomers are focusing on their health and wellness since we are living longer lives. They are including wellness an integral part of their lives including vacations, in fact, 25% of vacation selection is based on wellness activities.

Even the cruise lines are promoting wellness as part of their onboard programs, shore excursions, and dining choices. Last October, Holland America partnered with O, Oprah’s magazine for an Adventure of Your Life Cruise featuring a transformational speaker, life coach, yoga/meditation expert and a nutrition specialist. The Canyon Ranch offers their spa and fitness at sea programs on the Celebrity, Cunard, Oceania, and Regent cruise lines. Richard Branson’s new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, will debut their adults only ship, the Scarlet Lady in 2020. Their “Vitamin Sea” wellness program will include the Crow’s Nest, a sundeck for sunrise and sunset yoga, a Well-Being Pool near a Gym and Tonic bar which will serve fresh cold-pressed juices. 

Wellness retreat getaways include both domestic and international destinations. In the U.S., Hawaii, California, Arizona, Florida, Vermont, Utah and Colorado have hotels and resorts that specialize in health and wellness programs. Internationally, the retreat destinations include: Italy, Greece, Malta, Peru, Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, India, South Africa, and Dubai.  

Learning Journeys is a wellness tour company that offers transformative travel experiences to trips all around the globe! Their Eat, Pray, Love Travel Series is designed for women to nurture their minds and bodies. The itineraries include daily yoga/meditation, destination highlight tours, farm to table food, cooking classes, and giving back community service programs. At some destinations, the food is prepared by an ayurvedic chef who customizes your meals and drinks based on your individual dosha or body type (Vata (slender), Pitta (medium), Kapha (large). It provides a holistic approach to improve your eating habits and provides them a healthy lifestyle.

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The travel and tourism industry acknowledges the demand and importance of wellness experiences. They have provided nurturing opportunities and developing new journeys to transform your life.

Frank Bastone is the owner of Pinnacle Trips which specializes in wellness retreats, ocean/river cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and independent/escorted tours. He is an active member of local business and non-profit associations in the Westchester/Fairfield area.

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