Yellow Acorn Montessori Expands From Pandemic Born "Pod" to Established School

Led by Founder and School Director Rupa Shah,Yellow Acorn Montessori, is an early education school created to meet children's social, emotional, and cognitive development needs ages 3-6 through comprehensive Montessori education. Initially born out of an urgent need during the pandemic, Ms. Rupa obtained a small daycare license teaching six students, which has expanded and become a formally established school. Yellow Acorn Montessori is eager to welcome 3-5-year-old students and toddlers ages 18-24 months into its classrooms for the 2022/2023 school year.

When the pandemic first hit there were many questions about how schools would continue to function and how learning would continue. As a long-time Montessori teacher, Ms. Rupa knew the importance of early childhood education and truly did not want her student’s education to be comprised. So, when parents requested that she continue to teach their children as the pandemic endured, she created a safe haven for a small group of six students with a “home pod.” This small group of children bonded like a family and grew to view their classroom as an oasis from the unpredictable world. In 2021, Yellow Acorn was formally established as the only early education school granted a “small daycare license” by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

“The experience of going through the licensing process during the pandemic has had a deeply transformational impact on my relationship with the education industry and how COVID impacted early childhood learning,” said Ms. Rupa. “It was a task to be in OCFS compliance and be true to the Montessori pedagogy which I am trained under. I am ready to share Yellow Acorn's journey with others out there who may be shying away from early childhood care, post-pandemic.”

As the 2022/2023 school year approaches, Ms. Rupa’s dream of opening her own Montessori school has become fully realized with Yellow Acorn now accepting up to 24 students. Ms. Rupa has brought in curated a team of trusted advisors, educators, and professionals to create a Montessori community that would grow larger and stronger over time.

The vision of Montessori education is to take a holistic approach that focuses on the students' social, emotional, and cognitive development needs. At its core, the curriculum follows the child’s interest by cultivating independent thought, soft skills, and awareness of the world around them. Yellow Acorn works hand in hand with parents to nurture every child's curiosity. For example, the geography curriculum promotes children’s need to define and find themselves, understand their place in the world, and try to make sense of the universe through physical and cultural geography curriculum. Montessori education helps children grow into empathetic global citizens and creative problem solvers while still providing necessary strong foundational skills.

Yellow Acorn is located at 46 Fox Meadow Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 within in the Shaarei Tikvah building. Yellow Acorn is currently accepting applications for the 2022/2023 school year. Visit the Yellow Acorn website for applications, admissions information, program details, and more.


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