Pam Fuehrer To Run As Independent Candidate for Scarsdale School Board

To the Editor,

I recently learned that the School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) did not recommend me for election to a second term on the Scarsdale Board of Education.  I appreciate the time and effort of the SBNC members, but considering the diligence, thoughtfulness and sensitivity with which I've met the important responsibilities of a school board member these past three years, I am deeply disappointed with the decision not to nominate me for re-election.  Given my 13 year commitment and experience listening to, reporting on, and helping to resolve the needs of students, parents and faculty across our District, I know that I continue to have valuable contributions to make.

Over the years, my top priorities have been the educational experiences, concerns, and safety of our children, families and staff.  Prior to Board work, I led the Edgewood PTA effort as PTA president to replenish our savings and to budget more accurately to ensure continued financial support for programmatic opportunities.  As PT Council Vice President, I led an ad hoc PT Council curriculum committee, which represented and discussed parents’ requests with Assistant Superintendent Lynne Shain throughout her first year, resulting in a detailed presentation of all curriculum on the District’s website.  During a second term as PT Council Vice President and as PT Council President, I was an integral part of the collaboration between the Scarsdale Teachers’ Association and PT Council to craft the Parent-Educator Partnership Guide.  This document, also currently on the District’s website, provides counsel on how, when and where to appropriately raise issues and provides answers to frequently asked questions. 

As a Board member, I have supported District efforts to establish a STEAM curriculum, a new program at the high school for emotionally challenged children, and an improved writing curriculum at the elementary schools.  I’ve participated in the negotiations of 5 labor contracts and in all 2018 Bond presentations, discussions and deliberations.  This Bond includes a number of projects improving the security and safety of our children.  I was a member of the Greenacres Building Committee which recommended a safety monitor, air quality and noise monitoring, temporary HEPA filtration during all phases of construction, and the installation of air conditioning in the old multi-purpose room and library.

We are at a pivotal time for Scarsdale schools. We have been engaged in long-term planning of all types.  I believe my institutional knowledge and thorough, multi-year understanding of ongoing critical issues, such as community participation, communication, contract negotiations, budgeting, facilities discussions and projects, superintendent evaluations and fiscal planning, have provided and should continue to provide valuable leadership and input to the District and Board as a whole.  I am planning to run as an independent candidate along with those nominated by the SBNC so that I might continue the important work I enjoy so immensely and which is so essential to our community.  I appreciate the support and encouragement that I have already received by so many.


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