Letter to the Editor: Berg and Veron are Worthy of Being Scarsdale Trustees

I know Bob Berg very well. I have worked with him in the Education and Assessment committees and the Board of the Scarsdale Forum. I was also the campaign chair of the Voters Choice Party last year when my husband and he ran for office, along with two other great residents. What have I learned about Bob Berg after working with him very closely for three years? Like all of us, he is an imperfect human being, and has the self-awareness and good humor to admit it. Bob is incredibly bright and rolls up his sleeves to help write reports in the Education and Assessment Committees of the Forum. He asks thoughtful questions. He is a very good listener. He lets everyone express his or her opinion before sharing his. He is ethical. He is very quantitative and has a high level of empathy for people who were so negatively affected by the Ryan train wreck. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I will vote for Bob Berg, of the Voters Choice Party, because Village Hall needs someone with his intellectual capacity and kindness.  

I will not vote for Lena Crandall, because under her leadership I have witnessed irregular and unethical processes at the Scarsdale Forum in report writing last year and in the Forum’s Nominating Committee this year. Additionally, she is an ardent Trump supporter. Given my views on immigration, bank regulation, gun control, women, minorities, Mexico, and humanity, I could never vote for a person who voted for him. 

In addition to Bob, I will vote for Jane Veron of the Citizens Non-Partisan Party. I have never had the opportunity to work with her. My husband has interacted with her in various civic projects and is a big fan of hers!   I have heard the kinds of smart questions she asks at Village Board meetings. She also pays attention to residents when they come before the microphone to express their concerns. She is very involved in downtown revitalization, which is critical to improving the living stands of Scarsdale residents. During the storm last week, I wrote to the mayor and Jane about my family’s five-day power outage. She responded immediately; I am still waiting to hear from the Mayor.  Like Bob, Jane is very intelligent, data driven, ethical, and empathetic, qualities which are very much needed at the Board of Trustees. I thank Jane and Bob for their tireless work for the betterment of Scarsdale, and I wish them the very best.

Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez is a Fox Meadow resident active in the elementary school, Scarsdale Forum, and the Old Scarsdale Neighborhood Association. The views above are mine and do not represent those of the aforementioned organizations.


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