Update on Village of Scarsdale Storm Restoration Efforts

Good evening, this is Scarsdale Village Manager Stephen Pappalardo with an update regarding the storm restoration efforts.  Village crews continued to work today clearing trees and debris from roads not impacted by power lines. All such roads or sections of roads are now open.  The reopening of roads closed due to downed power lines, however, has been hampered by the limitations of the availability of Con Edison line cutting personnel.  These lines must be de-energized by trained Con Ed personnel before crews can remove the trees and reopen the roads. With the single line cutting crew assigned to the Village today, a total of seven of the 35 road closures within this category, have been reopened.  These roads include important arterial and collector roads such as Heathcote and Fenimore Roads and Griffen Avenue. 

Con Ed reported to all Westchester municipalities today that they have requested mutual aid assistance from out- of- state power companies to assist with the power restoration efforts.  As many of these crews are traveling a significant distance, commencement of the restoration of electrical power is not expected until next week.

With a significant number of roads still closed to traffic with associated live power lines, the severe weather State of Emergency will remain in effect.  The Village is hopeful that with another full day of work with the Con Ed line cutting crew that enough roads will be reopened to lift the travel restrictions in time for the start of the work week on Monday. Further information in this regard will be provided tomorrow.

Please continue to use the (914) 722-1150 number for all storm related questions, and 911 for emergency calls from land lines and (914) 722-1200 for cell phones.  Con Ed can be reached by phone at 1-800-752-6633.

Please be reminded to check on your neighbors without electrical service who may be in need of assistance. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard and continued patience with the recovery efforts.


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