Visit Retailers near Shelton for Free GoCT Card

CTDOT Extends Free Go CT Card Offer Through March 

"Tap and Go” Card Automatically Calculates Rider Fares, Applies Discounts for CTtransit, CTtransit Express and CTfastrak Bus Travelers

The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced today that it will continue to offer the Go CT Card at no cost through the end of March 2019 for CTtransit bus riders across Connecticut. Riders can sign up to receive a free Go CT Card at www.goctcard.com or by calling 877-255-7433. After receiving the card, riders will need to add funds to their Go CT Card account for bus travel.  Following the introductory period, there will be a $2 charge to obtain the Go CT Card.

Listed below are the retailers near Shelton where you can pick up a free Go CT Card or purchase tickets and passes.

ServiceStoreAddressTicket Route
GoCT CardsCVS24-36 Pershing Drive, Ansonia
GoCT CardsCVS1875 Boston Ave, Bridgeport
GoCT CardsCVS2610 E Main St, Bridgeport
GoCT CardsCVS3710 Main Street, Bridgeport
GoCT CardsCVS656 New Haven Ave, Derby
GoCT Cards7-Eleven1795 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden
GoCT CardsCVS2045 Dixwell Ave., Hamden
GoCT Cards7-Eleven517 Boston Post Rd, Milford
GoCT CardsCVS734 Bridgeport Ave., Milford
GoCT CardsCVS989 Boston Post Road, Milford
GoCT CardsCVS511 Monroe Turnpike, Monroe
GoCT CardsCVS1150 Whalley Ave., New Haven
GoCT CardsCVS123 Church St., New Haven
GoCT CardsCVS215 Whalley Avenue, New Haven
GoCT CardsCVS279 Boston Post Rd., Orange
GoCT CardsCVS215 West St., Seymour
GoCT CardsCVS1 Hawley Lane, Stratford
GoCT CardsCVS1425 Barnum Avenue, Stratford
GoCT Cards7-Eleven3621 Main Street, Stratford
GoCT CardsCVS930 White Plains Rd., Trumbull
GoCT Cards7-Eleven1089 Campbell Ave, West Haven
GoCT CardsCVS252 Orange Avenue, West Haven
GoCT CardsCVS355 Campbell Ave., West Haven
GoCT CardsCVS844 Jones Hill Road, West Haven
Tickets-PassesStop & Shop2335 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden Market Place, Hamden238, 228
Tickets-PassesStop & Shop112 Amity Road, Amity Plaza, New Haven243
Tickets-PassesStop & Shop150 Whalley Avenue, New Haven243
Tickets-PassesStop & Shop1360 East Town Road (across from CT Post Mall), Milford261, 271
Tickets-PassesStop & Shop460 Elm Street, West Haven265

There is a full list of Go CT Retail Outlets here.

Introduced in October 2018, the Go CT Card provides increased convenience and ease for public transit commuters who ride CTtransit and CTfastrak buses by allowing them to place funds into an account connected to the card, and then simply tapping the card on the fare box each time when boarding.  Riders using the card will automatically receive any discounts that are available, providing them with the lowest possible fare without any guesswork. This gives the rider a quick boarding option without the need to carry exact change, along with the benefits of a multi-day pass without having to worry about future rides going unused. Funds in the account do not expire, but riders should register their Go CT Card account at www.GoCTCard.com to protect the funds in case they lose their card.

“With a Go CT Card, riders can pay for a 31-day pass in $10 increments instead of paying all at once, and they can reload online or with cash at local retailers”, said Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti.   “We are extending the offer to receive a Go CT Card at no charge, to allow more riders to take advantage of the new fare payment option.” 

When boarding a CTtransit bus, a rider just taps their card on the fare box each time. On a CTtransit Express bus, the rider needs to tap the card when they board, and when they exit so the system can calculate the fare based on the number of zones traveled. When a rider uses a CTfastrak bus, all they need to do is to tap the card on a platform validator at the station or shelter stop in downtown Hartford before boarding, then board when the bus arrives. If a validator is not available at the station or stop, the rider can tap their Go CT Card at the fare box on board.

After receiving the card, riders will need to add transit travel funds (a minimum of $10 and maximum of $500) into the account in one of three ways. Customers can add funds to their Go CT card accounts online at www.goctcard.com, in person by visiting a participating retailer (CVS Pharmacy and 7-Eleven), or one of the CTtransit Customer Service and Sales Outlets. There are no service fees associated when adding funds to the account – all funds are used exclusively for transit fare payments.

For riders that already have a Go CT Card, a mobile app will be released in 2019 that can be used in place of the Go CT Card.  For more information about the new Go CT Card, visit www.GoCTCard.com.


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