The Best High Schools for Math Near Shelton in Celebration of Pi Day

We celebrate Pi day to bring awareness to the importance of a STEM Education. The National Science Board report shows the need to bring attention to STEM:

 - Average mathematics scores for fourth, eighth, and twelfth graders declined slightly for the first time in 2015.

 - The average NAEP mathematics score in 2015 declined for fourth, eighth and twelfth grades.

 - NAEP science assessment results show that average scores increased slightly in 2015 for fourth and eighth graders but stayed similar for twelfth graders.

The Connecticut State Department of Education measures Math Performance of all the schools in CT.  The average performance for the high schools in the state 83.6%. The scores of the high schools closest to Shelton are:

Amity Regional High School91.59%100.00%100.00
Trumbull High School89.13%100.00%100.00
Engineering - Science University Magnet School88.57%100.00%100.00
Elm City College Preparatory School88.00%91.19%100.00
Achievement First Bridgeport Academy87.33%85.79%100.00
Masuk High School86.75%100.00%100.00
Amistad Academy86.13%86.59%100.00
Shelton High School79.93%100.00%100.00
Jonathan Law High School79.67%100.00%100.00
Woodland Regional High School79.49%99.97%98.29
Joseph A. Foran High School78.24%100.00%100.00
Oxford High School77.77%100.00%100.00
Seymour High School77.16%100.00%97.89
Aerospace/Hydrospace, Engineering and Physical Sciences HS at the Fairchild-Wheeler Magnet Campus74.46%93.19%95.83
Hamden High School68.34%99.65%100.00
Stratford High School67.63%97.24%94.28
Information Technology and Software Engineering High School at the Fairchild-Wheeler Magnet Campus67.51%99.49%100.00
Bunnell High School67.16%100.00%100.00
Sound School65.90%98.60%100.00
Ansonia High School65.38%96.77%80.70
Common Ground High School65.35%91.54%82.88
Highville Charter School64.09%NANA
Biotechnology, Research and Zoological Studies HS at the Fairchild-Wheeler Magnet Campus62.66%99.59%100.00
Platt Technical High School61.31%100.00%64.80
West Haven High School60.96%90.93%90.42
High School In The Community60.70%72.26%76.60
New Haven Academy60.15%81.83%100.00
Derby High School59.56%95.07%81.48
Hill Regional Career High School58.92%96.97%100.00
Cooperative High School - Inter-District Magnet58.66%100.00%100.00
Wilbur Cross High School57.70%86.44%69.19
Bullard-Havens Technical High School56.96%100.00%73.62
Emmett O'Brien Technical High School56.49%100.00%51.85
Metropolitan Business Academy54.61%100.00%100.00
Eli Whitney Technical High School50.88%100.00%54.78
James Hillhouse High School48.52%77.01%62.22
Warren Harding High School44.58%66.78%54.32

The top five high schools for Connecticut are Staples High School, Darien High School, New Canaan High School, Weston High School, and Avon High School.

Some other interesting facts about STEM education in the United States:

  • Approximately one-quarter of students stopped with algebra 2 as their highest mathematics course, another quarter stopped with trigonometry or other advanced mathematics, 22% advanced to pre-calculus, and 19% finished with calculus or higher.
  • In addition to taking biology, 76% of ninth graders who began high school in 2009 took chemistry and 42% took physics by the time they completed high school in 2013.
  • Calculus AB is the most common mathematics AP exam. The number of students who took an AP exam in calculus AB increased from 197,000 in 2006 to more than 308,000 in 2016.
  • Biology is the most common science AP exam. The number of students who took an AP exam in biology increased from nearly 132,000 in 2006 to 238,000 in 2016.
  • Computer science A is the fastest-growing AP exam, with the number of students taking the exam growing nearly four-fold from just under 15,000 in 2006 to nearly 58,000 in 2016.
  • Passing rates for the mathematics and science AP exams in 2016 ranged from lows of 40% for physics 1 and 46% for environmental science to highs of 77% for physics C: mechanics and 81% for Calculus BC.


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