People Want to Pet Your Dog, But Wait! Read This Warning First

The Shelton Dog Park recently shared some very helpful advice for what dog owners should do when strangers come and try to pet their dog or dogs. 

The advice originally came from Roman of Roman's K9 Training in Norwalk, and here's what he had to say:

  • People are exited and hurry to meet and pet your dog, but your dog is overwhelmed. It would help your dog if YOU take initiative and let the dog meet the person (who should not be excited) on his own time.

  • YOU pick the person YOU want him to meet, then let your dog smell and make contact when your dog is comfortable. Once "dog is done," then give permission to people to meet your dog.

  • Ask your dog to sit and give paw or take a treat - NOT get pet on his head. This way your dogs gains respect for you as a protector. 

  • People don't listen and they don't know that touching your dog on his head, neck or shoulder is a DOMINANT action. A dominant dog will not tolerate this especially if he does not like the person. An accident is waiting to happen and it will not be your dog's fault, but rather the handler's if he does not protect his dog from "dominant" people.

Please keep these helpful tips in mind. For more dog info visit the Shelton Dog Park's Facebook page



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