" Borrowed Future" a documentary on college debt

Borrowed Future uncovers the dark side of the student loan industry and exposes how the system is built to work against you.
Did you know there is a scholarship for dolphin lovers? I am not joking!
The college process can be daunting, but so can the expenses once you are accepted. This week, let's think about ways to save money. One easy (for you) way is to suggest your children take the SAT. Even though schools are test-optional, many merit scholarships are based on that score. Also, go to your guidance department and ask for the list of local scholarships. Many businesses have small scholarships, but every little bit helps. Finally, join the EA team at the Studio Around the Corner on April 28 at 7 PM for the viewing of the documentary "Borrowed Future". The film will be followed by a strategy session with Financial Coach, Connor Tyson.
The event is free, but we ask that you register because space is limited.

This 90 min documentary will be followed by a Q&A session with Financial Coach- Connor Tyson 

Connor has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. He helps families build a financial foundation through emergency cash reserves, budgeting, debt elimination, saving, and debt-free college.

“Connor has a way of explaining things so they are easy to understand…we could take control of our family budget with a few simple steps. If anyone was in need of a financial guide, we would not hesitate to recommend Connor…” -Mark and Amy 

To register, please complete this google form for this informative and limited seating event.

There's a massive student loan crisis in America. Millions have found themselves buried beneath a mountain of debt. Entire generations are trapped. Borrowed Future uncovers the dark side of the student loan industry and exposes how the system is built to work against you. We meet a group of high school students as they're about to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, and then the other side: the reality for adults living with student loan debt.

Do 17-year-olds really understand their financial decisions today will affect the future in front of them? Borrowed Future proves that you really do have the power to beat the student loan system - but it's up to you. You get to decide to feed the system or fight back.

The Studio around the Corner is located at 67 Main Street in Brewster NY 10509

Submitted by Somers, NY

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