Amazing Fall Foliage Continues To Emerge Across New York State

In the Hudson Valley, Columbia County foliage spotters in Hudson expect just about 10% change this weekend and mostly yellow leaves, while Dutchess County spotters reporting from Hopewell Junction expect up to 10-15% color change and red leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Beacon are predicting up to 10% transition with some yellow leaves of average brilliance appearing.

In Orange County, spotters reporting from Middletown and Goshen expect up to 15% color change by the weekend, with yellow leaves of average brilliance emerging. Newburgh spotters expect about 10% change with muted shades of orange, yellow, and brown, while spotters in Cornwall are predicting less than 5% change and some burnt brown leaves among mostly green shades. No significant color change is expected in Putnam County, according to observers in Cold Spring.

Color change in Westchester County is expected to be less than 10% this weekend, according to spotters in White Plains, with a mix of brown and mostly green leaves. In Rockland County, color change is hovering around 5% at Bear Mountain State Park.


  • Adirondacks

    In the Adirondacks, Franklin County foliage spotters in the Mt. Arab and Tupper Lake areas note that color change there is underway with vigor and intensity, with as much as 35-40% leaf transition expected this weekend, and featuring fantastic hues of rhubarb, cerise, maize, saffron, russet, and tangerine. Spotters in Saranac Lake expect 25-30% color change with muted hues of yellow and red emerging. In the northern portion of the county, spotters from Malone predict 15% color change this weekend with muted red and orange leaves appearing over the mostly green backdrop.

    In Essex County, Wilmington spotters at Whiteface Mountain Ski Area predict 15-20% or more color change this weekend, with some bright red leaves beginning to appear. Lake Placid spotters expect about 15% change, with touches of oranges and reds of average brilliance. While some leaves are changing quickly, the majority are still green. Spotters reporting from Newcomb expect up to 15% transition with increasing shades of orange and red. In Crown Point, spotters are predicting more than 10% color change with a sprinkling of muted golds and rusts, along with occasional bright shades of yellow. Reports from Ticonderoga are predicting 10% color change with average shades of yellow, red, and orange beginning to peak.

    Herkimer County spotters in Old Forge are predicting at least 30% foliage change with muted shades of yellow and burgundy, along with some early reds. After some early color, leaf change has become more gradual, with shades of rust and dark red emerging. Look for some brilliant pops of reds and deep reds along Adirondack waterways. In Hamilton County, Long Lake spotters expect 30% foliage change with touches of orange and purple, along with muted reds. Reporters from Lake Pleasant are predicting 20% foliage change, with average to bright shades of yellow and orange starting to pop.

    In Warren County, Lake George foliage spotters are predicting 15% color change, highlighted by vivid oranges, sunny yellows, and the occasional deep reds scattered amongst lush green foliage. Queensbury observers are also expecting 15% color change with muted purple, red, and orange leaves. In Clinton County, reports from Plattsburgh predict 10% color change with some muted yellow leaves.

  • Catskills

    In the Catskills, Delaware County spotters reporting from the Delhi area are expecting up to 25% foliage change by the weekend, with varying shades of red and yellow, along with some bright pops of vibrant leaves. Spotters reporting from Bloomville and Walton predict 15% color change with muted yellow leaves. In Greene County, spotters reporting from the upper elevations of the towns of Hunter and Windham predict up to 35% color change, with green, yellow, and red leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Catskill expect 15% foliage change featuring orange and red leaves of average brilliance.

    In Sullivan County, foliage spotters in Liberty are expecting 15% change with muted green, yellow, and brown leaves, while spotters to the south in Forestburgh expect about 10% color change. Ulster County spotters at Belleayre Mountain Ski Area in Highmount are predicting at least 10% color change this weekend, with red and orange leaves of average brilliance appearing over the mostly green backdrop. In New Paltz, spotters expect foliage to be just about 5% changed with some yellow shades beginning to appear.

  • Thousand Islands-Seaway

    In the Thousand Islands-Seaway region, Jefferson County spotters in Alexandria Bay are predicting at least 30% color change this weekend, especially inland from the St. Lawrence River where the countryside and wetlands have some vibrant pops of color. Overall, look for yellow and orange leaves of average brilliance, along with pockets of red. St. Lawrence County spotters reporting from Southville State Forest along the St. Regis River in Stockholm predict 10% color change, with average shades of yellow and orange beginning to appear. Spotters reporting from Red Sandstone Trail in Potsdam predict 10% transition, with mostly muted oranges as sugar maples begin their changes. Foliage change will still be minimal in Oswego County, according to spotters in Oswego who predict about 5% color transition and mostly green leaves.

  • Chautauqua-Allegheny

    In the Chautauqua-Allegheny region, Chautauqua County spotters predict up to 25% foliage color change this weekend, with red, yellow, and orange dotting the landscape around Chautauqua Lake and Jamestown. Northern Chautauqua County along Lake Erie has been slower to change, but observers expect the colors there to accelerate with cooler temperatures. In Cattaraugus County, Little Valley spotters are predicting up to 15% foliage change with a sporadic spots of red leaves and hints of yellow, all of average brilliance. Foliage spotters at Allegany State Park also anticipate around 15% foliage change, with maples starting to show a little muted color.

  • Central New York

    In Central New York, Oneida County spotters in Utica are predicting 20% foliage change with average to bright shades of yellow, red, and orange. In Broome County, foliage spotters in Binghamton predict 10% color change this weekend with bright pops of red and orange. Herkimer County spotters in Mohawk predict 10% color change and shades of rust, red, and yellow. In Montgomery County, around the Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site in Fort Hunter, reports predict 10% color change and mostly green leaves. Otsego County foliage spotters in Cooperstown predict about 10% color change and mostly muted yellow leaves. Schoharie County spotters in Sharon Springs are also expecting at least 10% transition with subdued shades of red and some green-yellow leaves.

    Chenango County spotters reporting from Norwich expect around 5% foliage change with muted yellow leaves. Madison County spotters in Hamilton also predict up to 5% foliage change with hints of orange beginning to appear.

  • Capital-Saratoga

    In the Capital-Saratoga region, reports predict 10% color change in Saratoga County around Saratoga Springs, where yellows, ambers and some bright reds are beginning to appear. In Albany County, reports from Thacher State Park in Voorheesville predict up to 10% color change with some reds and yellows mostly orange leaves. Spotters at Cohoes Falls in Cohoes predict up to 10% transition with muted to average burnt orange, green-yellow, and yellow leaves. In Downtown Albany, reports predict 5% color change with mostly green leaves, highlighted by some muted to average shades of yellow and red.

    In Fulton County, spotters reporting from Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center in Northville expect just about 10% color change this weekend, as muted fall shades begin to emerge from the predominantly green landscape. Rensselaer County observers reporting from the Troy-Waterford Bridge in Troy predict nearly 10% color change with average shades of burnt orange, green-yellow, and yellow, while spotters in East Greenbush expect just a little more than 5% color change this weekend, with some of the mostly green leaves changing to yellow and joined by some pops of bright red leaves.

  • Finger Lakes

    In the Finger Lakes, spotters reporting from the Rochester suburb of Brighton in Monroe County are expecting more than 15% color change with yellow leaves beginning to appear, along with touches of red, orange, and dark red. Spotters reporting from Greece expect a little less than 10% foliage change this weekend. Yellow and yellow-green leaves are appearing on a small number of trees, and a small amount of red is showing on a few higher branches. In Chemung County, Elmira spotters are calling for 5-10% leaf change with a mix of fall shades just beginning to appear.

    Onondaga County spotters reporting from Onondaga Lake predict up to 10% color change this weekend, with some average shades of red and yellow beginning to appear. Several areas are expecting 5% or less transition, including the City of Syracuse, and the Cayuga County communities of Auburn and Fair Haven. Cortland County spotters in downtown Cortland report 5% change, with some muted fall shades emerging.

    Ontario County spotters in Farmington and Canandaigua expect up to 15% color change with some yellow leaves of average brilliance, while spotters in Rushville are predicting less than 5% change and mostly green leaves. Fall colors are just beginning to appear in Steuben County, according to spotters in Corning who expect about 10% color change this weekend. Seneca County spotters from Seneca Falls are seeing 5-10% change and some muted fall hues just beginning to appear. In Schuyler County, spotters reporting from Watkins GlenBurdett, and Rock Stream expect about 5% color change.

    In Tioga County, reports from Owego expect about 5% foliage change with emerging red and yellow leaves of average brilliance. Color change will also be around 5% in Tompkins County, with muted to average red and yellow leaves in Ithaca. Other spotters in Tompkins County reporting from Buttermilk Falls State Park and Taughannock Falls State Park are predicting 5% transition. In Wayne County, spotters in Lyons are predicting a little more than 5% leaf change by the weekend with yellow and red leaves of average brilliance emerging. 

  • Greater Niagara

    In the Greater Niagara region, Erie County spotters in East Aurora predict almost 10% color change this weekend, with emerging touches of yellow and orange. Genesee County spotters in Batavia expect nearly 10% change and a mix of fall colors of average brilliance. In Niagara County, spotters in Niagara Falls expect about 10% foliage change, with average to bright touches of yellow and red leaves. In Wyoming County, spotters in Warsaw predict about 10% color change, with red, orange, and yellow leaves appearing.

  • New York City
  • Color change is expected to be minimal this weekend in New York City. In the southern portion of Brooklyn, spotters reporting from Owl’s Head Park predict little change in color, while observers in Crown Heights predict a little more than 5% color change with some green leaves changing to yellow, along with occasional reds. Spotters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan predict little foliage change, with 5% or less color transition and hints of red and gold leaves.
  • On Long Island, in Nassau County, foliage at Hempstead Lake State Park in West Hempstead may be as much as 15% changed by the weekend. Visitors can look for Kelly green leaves with spots of rust, cranberry, mustard, and chocolate brown. In Suffolk County, spotters at The Nature Conservancy in Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island expect 5-10% color change, with some dogwoods starting to show their purple foliage, and a few spots of yellow leaves beginning to appear.

    Spotters along the North Shore in Nassau County predict about 5% color change this weekend with yellow beginning to appear on sycamore trees, while the oak and maple trees remain green. Spotters at Montauk Point predict about 5% color change with a few emerging fall hues.

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