Westchester SPCA Emergency Rescue Need Your Help

At first glance you see an adorable pup who looks happy and healthy. Animals are resilient and can often mask their pain. No one could have ever imagined that our newest rescue, Willow, a 6-year-old poodle, was silently suffering with so many health issues.

The first few minutes Willow spent with the SPCA staff were filled with lots of happy wiggles and tail wags. Willow loves everyone and just wants to snuggle up on your lap. It wasn't until she was brought outside to play that it became apparent something was wrong.

As Willow excitedly romped around the yard, staff observed that one of her back legs looked stiff as she was hopping, not running. After a few minutes of play time Willow needed to take a bathroom break. As she relieved herself, she was straining in pain.

Our SPCA Veterinarian was quickly alerted, examined Willow and immediately had x-rays taken. Unfortunately, they revealed serious complications that no one could have anticipated.

Willow's sustained an old injury that fractured both sides of her pelvis, and her right femur was repaired incorrectly. Pieces of Willow's fractured pelvis are pushing on her rectum along with a hard mass causing her severe discomfort.

To make matters worse, the pins used in her old fracture repair have shifted into her knee joint. Not only is this painful but it's preventing her from using her leg properly because she can't bend it.

Willow has a long road ahead which may include multiple surgeries and pain management. We won't know until we remove the pins, and she heals from her first surgery, what next steps will need to be taken.

We hope you'll consider a gift to the SPCA to help Willow and others like her who deserve the best care and comforts like our beloved furry family members.

While it breaks our hearts that Willow's injuries were neglected for far too long, with your support, we can ensure her future is filled with more smiles and happy tail wags.

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