Reminder: The Mobile Shredder is coming to Reis Park on June 1, 2021

Concerned about Identity Theft? The Westchester County Mobile Shredder is coming to Somers 

Now you can safely destroy unwanted personal papers and documents! When & Where:  Tues June 1, 2021 9am to 12 pm at Reis Park 82 Primrose St. 

Why shred? Westchester County wants to help protect residents from identity theft. That’s why the Mobile Shredder is available to help residents destroy unwanted personal papers and documents with personal identifying information. Old documents and bills are a gold mine for identity thieves. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of identity theft is to shred all documents no longer in use that have personal identifying information such as name, address, phone number, credit card number or Social Security number. Such documents should be shredded before recycling. What should you shred? Pre-approved credit card applications, old credit card bills, receipts, bank statements, old tax returns or any other documents containing your name, address and other identifying information. 

Please call the Town of Somers Supervisor's Office with any questions at 914-277-3637 

• The Mobile Shredder is for residents only. • Paper generated by businesses, schools, institutions, government or municipal offices is not accepted at these events. County staff will inspect all paper to be shredded and will reject any paper identified as commercial or institutional. 

• Each resident may bring a maximum of 4 file boxes, approximately 10" by 12" by 15" in size. Do not bring paper in plastic bags. Use either boxes or paper bags. • All paper must be free of clips, bindings, folders and files. 

• No bound or hardcover ledger books are allowed. No newspapers, flyers, magazines or junk mail. 

All residents attending shredder events must follow these safety guidelines to protect themselves and staff:
  • Residents must remain in their vehicles at all times
  • Documents should be boxed and placed in the trunk/hatchback of the resident's vehicle if possible, or in the back seat of the resident's vehicle
  • Staff will remove the box(es) directly from the resident's vehicle and place them in the shredder mechanism
  • Vehicles will be queued at a safe distance from staff and only one vehicle will be serviced at a time
  • Residents are required to wear masks within designated areas
  • Please be mindful to observe all posted signage and directions from staff
For more information about identity theft, call the Dept. of Consumer Protection (914) 995 - 2155 or visit For questions about recycling, call the Recycling HelpLine at 813-5425 or visit