Children’s Zoom Model Magic Art Workshop for St. Patrick's Day

Children’s Zoom Model Magic Art Workshop for St. Patrick's Day  with Wendy Podell; best for Ages 4-12

 Tuesday, March 16 from 3:30-4:30.

 *Prior registration required- register here.

A Zoom invitation will be sent prior to program start.

*Registration ends March 12;

Last day to pick up materials is March 15. 

 Call Vicki or Beth to arrange curbside pick up of the following materials supplied by the Library which you will need to pick up prior to the program by March 15: 

 * light blue paper (size 9x12)

 * green paper (6x9)

 * 1 package of model magic clay

 *. 5 yellow circle stickers

 * 5 gemstones

 * small piece of cardboard

 * 1/2 a straw

 Materials you will need to have ready from home prior to program start: 

 * Scissor

 * Glue

 * Markers

 * pencil 

* An adult will be needed to assist younger children with the workshop.

 Funding for this program is provided by Friends of Somers Library.



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