Somers's HamletHub Tue, 25 Sep 2018 18:42:38 -0400 Financial Fitness at the Somers Library

Financial Fitness at the Somers Library
Thursday, October 11, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Is Financial Fitness your goal in 2018? Lisa Ferry, an independent sales agent for Financial Education Services (FES), will discuss how you can:  
  • maximize your credit score 
  • minimize your debt 
  • protect your identity 
  • ensure the security of your family's future and much more! 
Registration is required: register online here or call 914-232-5717. 
Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. Thanks for your support!
The Somers Library
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Angle Fly Preserve Wildlife Management Notice

Be Advised

Wildlife Management Program In Progress

In Angle Fly Preserve

Bow Hunting Is Taking Place Daily

October 1- December 31

All Areas Of The Park

Remain Open To The Public

For Information Call 232-8441

Town Of Somers

Westchester County Parks

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Westchester County District Attorney Scarpino Hosts Second Annual Legislative Luncheon

Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. invited State Senators and Assembly members who represent Westchester County to join him and his senior staff for an open discussion on issues and legislation related to criminal justice and law enforcement. This is the second year DA Scarpino hosted the group.

In attendance, State Senators Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Shelley Mayer, and State Assembly Members Thomas Abinanti, David Buchwald, Kevin Byrne, Sandy Galef, Steven Otis, Amy Paulin and Gary Pretlow.

For two hours, the group discussed upcoming legislation including bail reform, extreme risk protection orders (red flag bill), discovery reform and the Commission on Prosecutorial Misconduct.  Other topics included new mandates surrounding Raise the Age which go into effect October 1, 2018 (next month), the District Attorney’s School Safety Commission, and reviewing existing marijuana policy.

District Attorney Scarpino said, “As the chief law enforcement officer in Westchester County, I understand the importance of collaboration among the District Attorney’s Office and our partners in government who make the laws we enforce. While I am proud to lead the most skilled, experienced and responsible group of prosecutors in the State, they must have the resources and strongest laws on the books in order to effectively prosecute the crimes that are committed here in our County.”

He added, “The level of commitment demonstrated by everyone in attendance to work together to make our communities safer and more secure is impressive. I look forward to our continued conversations and exchange of ideas.”

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The Wolf Conservation Center Mourns Passing Of Atka

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), located in Katonah, NY, has sadly reported the passing of Atka, the oldest ambassador wolf at WCC, he arrived at in Katonah from Minnesota when he was just 8 days old. His comrades at WCC considered Atka more than a leader in the world of wolf conservation, but a superstar. 

In a letter to WCC supporters and Atka fans, WCC said:

It is with deep sorrow that we share news about the most magnificent wolf we have ever known. Atka died in his sleep early this morning; he was 16 years old.

His passing was painless and peaceful with his family surrounding him. While Atka leaves a hole in our lives so big that words can't describe it, his impact on wolf conservation persists and can not be overstated.

Atka is an Inuit name meaning guardian spirit, and his brilliant spirit lives on in those whose hearts he warmed, minds he opened, and souls he touched.

He instilled compassion, understanding, and awareness to the hundreds of thousands of people he met over his storied career. We will be better and do better because Atka lived. He will empower us to continue the fight to safeguard the wild legacy he leaves behind.

Thank you, Atka. We'll never stop loving you.

A memorial to celebrate the life of Atka will be announced later this week.

Learn more about the Wolf Conservation Center here.

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Murphy's $2,500 Grant Puts Steam In Ruth Keeler Library's Programming

In a small town of roughly 5,200, the Ruth Keeler Library not only serves as a resource center, it's also a cultural and social hub as well. The library offers numerous educational programs for children, including an all-encompassing program known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). To keep STEAM rolling, Senator Terrence Murphy secured a $2,5000 grant to help support the program.
"Our society requires more than just an understanding of core classroom subjects - it requires application, creation, and ingenuity," said Senator Murphy. "Students are always learning, always growing, always experimenting. The STEAM program provides students with an avenue for professional and personal growth, and I'm proud to support it."
Library Director Carolyn Resnick said, "STEAM is one of our most popular programs for young people. Over a hundred children and their families participate. We have stations that focus on technology and science that are hands-on, and it's all free. We believe we shouldn't charge for programs, Wi-Fi or books. We raise money to meet our operating funds. Every contribution, including Senator Murphy's generous grant, is a huge plus. Our free programming wouldn't happen without this type of funding."
STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The program encourages students to take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. The youthful participants in the STEAM program can be counted among the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century.
The Ruth Keeler Memorial Library is an educational and cultural center for the North Salem community, serving its residents from infants to senior citizens with print and multimedia resources as well as enriching programs. Founded in 1932 as the North Salem Free Library, it originally consisted of two rooms on the main floor of the Town House, with 1600 books contributed by the Universalist Church. In 1939, it moved to the North Salem Grade School. In 1952, the library was granted an absolute charter by the State of New York. In 1957, the library was moved back to the Town House where it remained until the current library building was constructed in 1980. A major expansion and renovation that doubled the library's size was completed in 2003. The library is now called Ruth Keeler Memorial Library in honor of one of its biggest benefactors.
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Women's workshop focused on transforming your inner critic

On August 26, over 20 women from Westchester, Putnam and Connecticut experienced the "Darling, You Are Fabulous Transform Your Inner Critic" workshop with CoachGlo of Gliding with Glo. The beautiful and relaxing rustic setting of Bailey Farms was the perfect venue to learn how to shut out negative self-doubt and self talk.

Five presenters shared their knowledge in their various areas of expertise. 

Dr. Wanda Jeanty is the founder and CEO of Not Another Diet Wanda with more than 10 years in healthcare as a medical instructor and health educator. Dr. Wanda explained gut health and how we can turn what we eat into a powerful ally. 

Sara Sampaio is an Aesthetician and Professional Makeup Artist working with a local MediSpa with a philosophy of beauty from inside out.  She explained various ways to keep skin healthy and vibrant.

Jennifer Marvin provided a relaxing yoga and meditation session. She teaches a Vinyasa Flow mindfully connecting movement with alignment and breath work.

Artist Aimee Jette taught visual journaling and expressive painting & collage. Attendees created collages as part of their inner exploratory process.

Gloria Marrero Favreau, fondly known as CoachGlo is a Certified Life Coach.  She has been coaching women for over 20 years and is in her 8th year of having her own life coaching practice. CoachGlo encouraged women to talk with their inner child. Understanding and accepting who we are to build self confidence and learn to love ourselves.

At the close of this beautiful soul-searching event, each attendee tied a secret message to a balloon to let go in a colorful release.  

CoachGlo will be offering a Zoom class on Forgiveness & Letting Go beginning November 6. For more information, click here. 

Photo credit: Mima Photography

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The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia & Alzheimer's

The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia & Alzheimer's
at the Somers Library
Friday, September 28, 1:00 - 2:30 pm

This program presented by the Alzheimer's Association Hudson Valley Chapter provides basic information everyone needs to know about memory-loss issues and what they mean for all of us. The program covers warning signs of dementia, differences between dementia and Alzheimer's disease, how Alzheimer's affects the brain, how to get a diagnosis, stages of the disease, treatment options, research and services. Registration is required; register online on our online calendar here or call 914-232-5717.

Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. Thanks for your support!

The Somers Library

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The Somers Library Presents: From Education to Employment

The Somers Library Presents: From Education to Employment 
Wednesday, September 26th, 7:00-9:00 pm  
Whether you are looking for your first job or trying to decide what field to study, understanding what steps to take next, is essential. This program is geared towards young adults either starting college or just graduated college and adults changing careers or reentering the workforce. Topics that will be discussed are: 
  • Individual Personality Traits
  • Career Guidance Models
  • Career Paths and Education Plans
  • Learn how to Launch from Education to Employment
  • Presented by: Neal Schwartz (College Planning of Westchester) and Dana Stahl (Educational Alternatives)
Registration is required; register online on our calendar 
or call 914-232-5717.
Presented by: Neal Schwartz (College Planning of Westchester) 
and Dana Stahl (Educational Alternatives)
Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. Thanks for your support!

The Somers Library

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Steve Martin's The Underpants at Sherman Playhouse

The Underpants

By Carl Sternheim, Adaptation by Steve Martin
Directed by Dan Friedman

September 28, 29, 30, October 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 2018
8:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday
2:00 p.m. Sunday Matinee

Louise and Theo Maske are a couple whose conservative existence is shattered when Louise's bloomers fall down in public. Though she pulls them up quickly, he thinks the incident will cost him his job as a government clerk. Louise's momentary display does not result in the feared scandal but it does attract two infatuated men, each of whom wants to rent the spare room in the Maske's home. Oblivious of their amorous objectives, Theo splits the room between them, happy to collect rent from both the foppish poet and the whiny hypochondriac.

The production is directed by Dan Friedman of Bedford, NY and produced by Steve Stott of Brookfield. It features Brianna Bowman of Bethel, Timothy Huber of Danbury, Michael Schaner of Sherman, Michele Leigh of Brookfield, Jeff Rossman New Fairfield, Joe Manuele of Carmel, NY and Chris Marker of Sherman.

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Fall makes me think of apples.  And while thinking about how I would incorporate them into an article about art, I realized how the apple is a subject for so many artists, and has been for a long time. Picture Magritte's apple hiding the face of the man in the bolder hat, for one.  Apples are featured in numerous still-lives.  

One artist, who made a point of painting apples many times, was Paul Cezanne. "I will astonish Paris with an apple," he was known to have said.  According to art-lore, the apple became a favorite in Cezanne's still-lives after a friend brought him a basketful as a gesture of friendship and thanks.  But I do not think that is the only reason for Cezanne’s enthusiasm for painting apples so many times. (And he painted over 14).

So what is it about the apple that interests so many?  The apple is charged with all sorts of symbolism.  “The Forbidden Fruit” is a good start.  Greek mythology uses the apple as a symbol of a fruit from the tree of life. In Norse myths, the apple was a symbol of rebirth and beauty.  There are others.  And artists love symbolism.

Aside from art and literature, though, the apple is also a symbol and player in phrases still in use today.  An Adam's apple, The Big Apple, Johnny Appleseed, “comparing apples and oranges", the game "Apples to Apples,” "an apple for the teacher" all resonate with us as something more than a thing to bake a pie with.  

Any depiction of Newton's Apple symbolizes the surfacing of an idea. The logo for Apple computers, incidentally, references to all of the above in its fascinating history. The original was of Newton under a tree with an apple dangling precipitously above his head. The bite, in the next version, was to avoid mistaking it for a tomato. The rainbow colors (in the wrong order) symbolized “lust, knowledge, hope, an anarchy.” The sleek monochrome design was to indicate Steve Job’s influence. 

My thought, is apples are just plain interesting.  Their colors are always different.  At a quick glance, it’s an apple.  On closer look, they are more individualistic than you might think which lend them to so many situations and styles. One might have a little more green than another.  Streaks of yellow, brown--even black--are great complements to the reds.  There are so many types of apples, and in a variety of colors: Green, yellow, pink, dark red, and, of course, apple red.  

And then there is the reflective factor about apples—that spot where the light hits a polished peel.  In one painting, a clever artist made the sheeny reflection a separate little painting in itself.  You can see a person, a room, and a window in there.  

This fall, when picking, eating, or preparing apples.  Take a closer look.  They might just make you want to pick up a brush.


Stefani Gosselink teaches piano in Brewster, NY.  She is the author of several books, and has written several articles on art and local artists in the area. 

Click here to check out other articles on art, performance, and music here or




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Save the date: Sept 30 Annual Run and Chili Cook Off

Save the date- Sunday, September 30th. Somers Education Foundation is excited to announce their partnership with the Somers Library Foundation for their annual 5K/1M Trail Run. Start the day at 9:30 (5K), 10:30 (1M Trail run) then join SEF for our 2nd annual chili cook-off.

SEF will accept 10 cook-off applicants on a first come, first serve basis. The cook-off is open to residents/groups and community organizations, and businesses. Cooking begins at 8am and tasting and judging will begin at 11am. For more information on the cook-off or to purchase a tasting mug, please visit

And while you are signing up for the cook-off, don't forget to register for the Library Foundation 5K/1M race at…/2018-5k-trail-run-fam…/

We hope to see everyone at Reis Park on September 30th. It promises to be a great day supporting the Somers Library Foundation and the Somers Education Foundation.

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Art Exhibit: Photography by Robert Ondrovic

Art Exhibit: Photography by Robert Ondrovic 
at the Somers Library
Photographs exhibited during the month of September during library hours. 
A Somers resident, Robert Ondrovic started taking photographs when he was 4 years old after his dad had given him and his brother Brownie cameras, a roll of film each and then took the family to the World's Fair in Flushing, Queens. Fifty-four years later, he is still passionate about photography and is usually found with a camera in his hands when not tied up with his day job as a trial attorney. Bob enjoys nature and botanical subjects and spent 20 days exploring and photographing the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands where the saying is "take pictures, leave footprints". The photos in this gallery are a mixture of subjects reflecting Bob's ongoing interest in always trying to capture the beauty of the world around us.
The Somers Library
Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. 
Thanks for your support!
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Cast Announced for I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change – a comedic romp at the Studio Around the Corner

Rehearsals are underway for the hilarious I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, book by Joe DiPietro, music by Jimmy Roberts.  This musical journey, the second longest running Off-Broadway show, will take you through all stages of romance and relationships and will have audience members laughing, crying, and crying with laughter.  The play's tagline says it all: "Everything you have ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and in-laws, but were afraid to admit."

Under the direction of Christine DiTota and musical direction of Michael Roth, Joy Argaza, Daniel Basiletti, Brandi D. Gestri, Jack Gestri, Stephanie Schleicher, Lou Simmons, Jessica Vanacoro, Matt Vanacoro, and Beth Zucker will bring attendees along as they navigate their way through dating, weddings, long car rides with the family, breakups, and growing old.  Performances will be at The Studio Around the Corner on November 3rd at 2pm and 7:30pm and November 4th at 4pm.  Tickets are available at and seating is very limited, so do not wait to reserve your tickets.



Theater Around the Corner is made possible in part through the Putnam Arts Council’s Arts Link Grant Program, with public funds provided through the NY State Council on the Arts with support from Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Legislature. 

For more information on this and other Cultural Arts Coalition events, visit:, call (845)363-8330, email or find us on Facebook at “Cultural Arts Coalition”.

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Somers Rec Announces Adult OPEN BASKETBALL - WEDNESDAYS 10/17/18 - 4/24/19


OPEN BASKETBALL  -  WEDNESDAYS 10/17/18 - 4/24/19
Fee: $70.00, Supervisor: Don Panos, Time: 8:00-9:30 p.m., Location: SHS Old Gym
Pick-up games will be held. All ability levels are welcome.
  • Is on-going.
  • To register, Click here or go to, then click on Parks & Rec in the middle top of the page.  On the Parks & Rec. page, scroll down under Additional Links and click on Program Registration Site.
  • In the registration site, you will need to create an account &/or log in to your current account then click on the orange tab titled Fall Programs and click on Adult Open Basketball to register. 
  •  If you have any questions, please contact the Recreation Office at 914-232-8441 or
  • Participants must be Somers residents and over 18 years old.
  • Participants must be registered before attending a program.
  • There must have a minimum of 15 participants registered before it can run. Programs with less than 15 registrants will be canceled. Please do not wait to register.
  • Program will not be held when school is closed.
  • Any updates or school closings will be notified via email.  
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PLAY & REWIND at Katonah Museum of Art on Sept 27


Video Chat

Thursday, September, 27
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

PLAY & REWIND curator and artists speak via video chat.

Tickets $10. Members Free.

On the occasion of PLAY & REWIND, curator Olga Dekalo speaks with several of the artists in the exhibition via video chat. The informal format of this artist talk invites the audience into the conversation and facilitates a one-of-a-kind interaction with artists. Wine reception to follow.

Katonah Museum of Art 

134 Jay Street 
Katonah, NY 10536


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