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Each year, on the third Friday in May, we take time to celebrate and learn about endangered species and how we can protect them.  
Please join us for a special program
The Nature of Things
Spreading Love for Nature since 1982
This program is being offered zia Zoom:
For Kids at Somers Library!
Wednesday, May 27
Registration is required. Register here
Here are some more games to help you learn more about endangered animals and have fun too. Start by creating a list of animals you'd like to learn more about here .
Endangered Animal Alphabet: Call out a letter and let your child think of a name of an animal. Research more about each animal in your alphabet list.
Animal Match Game: Choose 8-10 endangered animals and their habitats. Draw pictures of each animal and cut them out. On another large paper or poster, draw pictures of the different habitats. Have your child match the animal to it's habitat.
Save the Turtles Game: You will need a basket and plastic eggs or small balls that you have or can make yourself with paper or foil. Set a timer to see how many eggs each person can put back safely in the "nest".
Here's a fun Word Search for older children
For more information about the world's endangered species and what we can do to protect them, you can visit KidsDiscover.com and the World Wildlife Organization
These books and more are available on Overdrive
National Geographic Kids Series
Magic Tree House Fact Tracker Series
Bindi's Wildlife Adventures Series
Scat ~ Hiassen
Magic Tree House Tiger's at Twilight ~ Osborne
On Hoopla
Saving the Endangered Series
Endangered Animals Series
Animals in Danger Series
What's the Difference ~ Slade
Red Alert ~ Barr
Jane Goodall ~ Rice
Look for more fun stuff from the library on Monday!
Be safe and healthy!
Vicki DiSanto-Children's Librarian & Beth Levine- Library Assistant


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