Metro North: No rail or Bus Service North of Goldens Bridge this weekend

For the weekend of Aug. 15-16, on the Harlem Line, weekend train service will be provided between Goldens Bridge and Grand Central Terminal only. This is due to needed repairs post Tropical Storm Isaias.

- There will be no Harlem line substitute bus service north of Goldens Bridge.
 - There is no service between Southeast and Wassaic.

Please see the Harlem Line Weekend schedule here: http://web.mta.info/mnr/pdf/HARLEM_SS614REVfor713EMERGENCY.PDF

On Monday, Aug. 17, busing between Goldens Bridge and Southeast will resume. Please continue to check back to your email for additional details regarding Southeast to Wassiac service.

To see the Harlem Line Weekday schedule, see: http://web.mta.info/mnr/pdf/HAR_MF_6_14_REV_for_7_13_EMERGENCY_8_10.pdf

While needed repairs are being made, customers traveling from stations north of Goldens Bridge can drive to Goldens Bridge or North White Plains and use their permits to park at the LAZ parking facilities.

Please listen for announcements at your station and continue to monitor https://new.mta.infowww.mta.info/mnr and Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Customers can also use our automated phone system at 511 (in Connecticut call 877-690-5114) or to speak with a representative dial 646-252-1701.


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