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There are so many things to love about Autumn- pumpkins, apple cider, and the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees.

Fallen leaves provide a great source of entertainment for all ages, whether its raking, jumping or collecting different shapes and colors. Here are some fun activities to enjoy this time of year.

Matching Leaves

• From PBS, this activity teaches math concepts to younger children. You'll need some leaves of different shapes and colors, scissors, contact paper (optional) .

• Dry and cut each leaf in half. If using contact paper, cover both sides then cut out each piece.

• Place one half of each leaf on a surface and ask your child to make the leaf whole by finding it's other half. You can make this more challenging by cutting leaves into thirds or quarters.

Create a Leaf Rubbing Book

• Create a keepsake book of your favorite leaves with this easy craft.

• Place a plain sheet of paper over each leaf. Using a thick crayon, rub the crayon over the leaf to create the shape and outline.

Leaf Animals

Using a variety of leaves, combine the different colors and shapes to create unique animal pictures.

Check out this fun science experiment to create "frosty" Salt Crystal Leaves.

Learn more about Autumn Leaves and enjoy some of these fun Fall-themed books available now at the Somers Library.

Leaf Jumpers ~ Gerber

Leaves ~ Klepeis

Lionel in the Fall ~ Krensky

In the Leaves ~ Lee

Lucky Leaf ~ O'Malley

Fall Leaves ~ Packard

Summer Green to Autumn Gold ~ Posada

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves ~ Rawlinson

Autumn Leaves ~ Robbins

Full of Fall ~ Sayre

Look What I Did With a Leaf ~ Sohi

Leaves ~ Stein

Yellow Time ~ Stringer

Give us a call or visit our website to search the catalog for these books and more to place an order for curbside pick-up

These books and many more can also be found on Overdrive and hoopla.

Tell Me Why Leaves Change Color ~ Brennan

Leaves ~ Cavell-Clarke

Fall Leaves ~ Holland

A Look at Leaves ~ Lowe

I See Leaves ~ Mayerling

Fall Leaves Fun ~ Rustad

Leaves Fall ~ Schnell

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Be safe and healthy! Vicki DiSanto-Children's Librarian & Beth Levine- Library Assistant


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