Metro North to begin hearings on proposed fare increases

The MTA is beginning its biennial process for the review of its fares, crossing charges, and related policies for travel to and from New York State stations.  (Please note: This does not affect ticket prices for travel served by Metro-North between stations in Connecticut and New York, or between stations within Connecticut.)

Hearings will be held on the dates and times noted at https://new.mta.info/transparency/fares-and-tolls-2020  on proposed changes to MTA fares, crossing charges, and related policies. To register to speak at one of the virtual public hearings, you can sign up as early as Nov. 24. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MTA will convene these hearings virtually on Zoom, with a livestream available on the same website.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed changes, which pertain, as applicable, to the fares of Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company (Metro-North) in New York State only, the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry and the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry , the Hudson Rail Link connecting bus service, and fares of the other agencies or affiliates of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Following the hearings, after considering public comment, the Boards of the MTA and its affiliated agencies will decide which potential fare and crossing charge adjustments and policy changes to adopt.

For more details on these potential changes, please visit https://new.mta.info/transparency/fares-and-tolls-2020, consult information posted at Metro-North stations and on digital display boards, or call the Public Hearing Hotline at (646) 252-6777.


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