Waste Prevention for World Environment Day and World Ocean Day

June is the perfect time to get inspired and take action to prevent litter, eliminate unnecessary waste, make your voice heard, and be more mindful in acknowledgment of World Environment Day on June 5th and World Ocean Day on June 8th. There are plenty of ways to share the message with friends, family, and your community, too!

Choose to Reuse. Join the movement to choose reusables over single-use. Is there a single-use item you can swap for reusable or eliminate entirely? Start planning for Plastic Free July. Keep your eye out for exciting new ways to join in and follow along with us!

Consumer Action. Are you frustrated by single-use packaging from brands you know and love? Many brands have made goals and commitments to be more sustainable and many want to hear from you about what you want. Connect with them on e-mail, social media, or via customer service to let them know you want to see less packaging or more sustainable alternatives.

Say No to Overflow and Kick Litter to the Curb. Whether on the street or visiting a local park, if you see an overflowing trash or recycling bin you, can help reduce litter by not adding to the overflowing bin. At home, make sure your recyclables and trash are contained. Trash overflow can fall from the bin and be carried by wind, rain or end up in storm drains that lead to waterways.

Be Mindful. Take a moment to think about your favorite outdoor places, plants or wildlife, your community, your neighbors, or a natural resource you are grateful for. Thinking about what makes these things special and important to you can help you think of ways to protect them and create a better future for everyone.

Spread the Message. Use social media to share photos and stories about how you’re encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our oceans and the environment. World Ocean Day and World Environment Day both have social media toolkits and resources to help you spread the word, plan events, and take action. Follow, like, and subscribe: @WorldOceansDay and @unep and the hashtags #WorldOceanDay and #GenerationRestoration

Looking for other ways to help restore the environment? Check out World Environment Day’s Ecosystem Restoration Playbook for practical actions you can take to help heal the planet and also support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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