Fun Stuff at home with the Somers Library

January 29th is National Puzzle Day and there are so many ways to celebrate! Puzzles are not only fun for cold winter days, but they are also great for building cognitive skills. Jigsaws, crosswords, and word searches are just a few of the different kinds of puzzles to enjoy.

Fun Facts:

• The earliest puzzle was created by the Greek mathematician, Archimedes, way back in 250 B.C.

• The modern picture "jigsaw" puzzle was invented in 1767 by mapmaker, John Spilsbury, who copied a map on wood and then cut it with a jigsaw!

For Puzzling at Home...

• Eat a Puzzle- Make your favorite sandwich. Using a cookie cutter, cut a shape out of the middle and then cut other pieces around that. See if you can put it back together before eating!

• Create Your Own - Make a simple puzzle by dividing a favorite photo or picture into squares that can be cut and put back together. For a challenge, print a map of the USA. Cut out each state and then try to put it back together. Read Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller to find out what happens when they are scrambled!

• Have fun with this winter-themed Word Search.

Explore more with a book.

Here are just a few of the many books about Puzzles available now at the Somers Library.

The Potato Chip Puzzle ~ Berlin

Number Puzzles ~ Godwin

Logic Puzzles ~ Goldwin

Picture Puzzles ~ Godwin

Zoo Camp Puzzle ~ Herman

The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle ~ Keene

Games and Puzzles ~ Kirkby

The Jigsaw Puzzle ~ Levine

I Spy: A book of Picture Riddles ~ Marzollo

Mazeways: A to Z ~ Munro

Chess Puzzles ~ Norwood

Puzzles ~ Wildsmit 

Curbside pick up is also available. Give us a call or visit our website to search the catalog for these books and more.