They're back!!! SHARKS!!!!

Zoom with Marine Biologist Tyler Bowling

Thursday, August 19th 2022, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Tyler Bowling is the manager for the Florida Program for Shark research and a Ph.D. student in UF zoology. He is trying to determine the circumstances involved in shark attacks and reaching out to people all over the world and learning new behaviors of sharks is incredible. Naturally, due to his involvement with ISAF, his thesis is heavily based around shark attacks.

New Smyrna Beach is the “shark bite capital of the world.” They see more bites than anywhere else, and all within a very small geographic area (like smaller than a football field). That’s really weird! Join him on Zoom and learn about sharks, attacks and bites. He has asked for questions to be submitted in advance so he can be prepared with slides to answer all those questions.