Disney's High School Musical August 16 and 17 in Somers

Musical Theatre Kids Presents Disney's High School Musical, Jr. at Kennedy Catholic High School on Thursday. August 16th and Friday, August 17th at 7:00pm .   

Kennedy Catholic High School 54 Route 138 Somers, NY

Tickets: https://www.musicaltheatrekids.com/show-tickets/

Come see what happens as different groups of teenagers struggle to discover their true identities and the adults who guide them.  The show is a culmination of a 3 week intensive camp directed by Lindsay Higgins with Choreography by Barbara Rue and Musical Direction by Brian Sanyshyn.

The cast includes:

The Jocks

Troy Bolton: Giulianna LeClair

Chad Danforth: Blair Selig

Zeke Baylor: Jackie Cecil

Luke Gaines: Leah Cunningham

Josh Peters: Jaclyn Durkin


The Thespians

Sharpay Evans: Lola Molina

Ryan Evans: Isabella LeClair

Kelsi Neilsen: Amanda Collins

James: Chloe Matt

Cyndra: Brianna Conway

Susan: Mia LaPicola

Cathy: Isabel DeMasi


The Brainiacs

Gabriella Montez: Isabella Folchetti

Taylor McKessie: Abigail Anastacio

Martha Cox: Lily Kress

Kratnoff: Chloe Matt 

Jack Scott: Ruby Molina


The Skater Dudes

Ripper: Mia LaPicola

Mongo: Isabel DeMasi

Franceska Drejaj, Brianna Conway, Mia Cerny, Autumn Tackas


The Cheerleaders

Mia Cerny, Brianna Conway, Isabel DeMasi, Lily Kress, Mia LaPicola, Chloe Matt, Ruby Molina 

The Adults

Ms. Darbus: Autumn Tackas

Coach Bolton: Franceska Drejaj

Ms. Tenny: Leah Cunningham

Science Decathlon Moderator: Mia Cerny


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