Somers Library Book Club

Tuesdays, 7/16, 8/13, 9/3, 10/8, 11/2, & 12/10
6:30 - 8:00 pm

This Somers Library sponsored book club will be led by librarian Diana Cunningham, who will select the books to be discussed at each meeting. The titles will be mostly fiction, but could also be non-fiction or biographical. The titles will be chosen in consultation with the Somers adult reference library, Tara Ferretti. The books will be based on currency, not on best-seller lists, not new and varied in terms of type and format, and substantive or suitable for discussions. 

The coordinator will use the following format at the meeting:
  • Summary/overview of the story
  • Something about the author
  • Characters
  • Themes
  • Discussion questions
  • Solicits feedback, rating of the book and author's work 

Space is limited to 20 people and registration is required; please register online or call 914-232-5717. 
Please include your email address in your registration.

Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. 
Thanks for your support!




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