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If you are heading out to the beach this summer, we hope you'll see the ocean life revealed in a tide pool. Children of all ages can become marine biologists for the day armed only with a pail, shovel, net and lots of curiosity as they explore how the tides affect the plants and creatures living along the rocky shoreline. Here are some activities to bring the fun and learning home, even on a rainy day.

Create Your Own Tide Pool

In an aluminum baking pan or plastic bin, place lots of rocks and stones of different sizes, some sand (if available), shells and small toy sea creatures on different levels so that they create a mini tide pool.

Slowly add water to your tide pan so that you can observe what happens to your plants and animals as they are covered with water. Continue adding water until you reach high tide and everything is underwater - then slowly remove the water using a cup until you reach low tide again. Notice what happens to your animals and plants as the water leaves the pan.

To see the different creatures and plants that might be found in a tide pool and how they would be affected by the tides, click here

Paper Plate Tide Pool

You'll need a paper plate, water colors, crayons, small stones, paper, scissors, glue. Inside the center of your plate, use crayons to create a tide pool full of creatures like hermit crabs and small fish. Using water colors, paint over your drawing so that it looks like it's under water. Build your tide pool by gluing on small stones or shells or cut yarn for seaweed. Color the rim around your pool to represent rocks or sand.

Check out some of these books that are available now at the library.

Beachcombing : exploring the seashore ~ Arnosky

A House for Hermit Crab ~ Carle

Tide Pools ~ Gresko

Rock stars : limpets, barnacles, and whelks ~ Lawrence

Clem & Crab ~ Lumbers

All the World ~ Scanlon

Sandy Feet! Whose Feet?:Footprints at the Shore ~ Wood

Visit our website to search the catalog for these books and more to place an order for curbside pick-up.

Look for these books and more on Overdrive and hoopla.

Seashore ~ DK

Duck & Goose Go to the Beach ~ Hills

Swimmy ~ Lionni

Sea Stars in the Tide Pool ~ Anderson

What Do You Find in a Tide Pool? ~ Kopp

Senses at the Seashore ~ Rotner

Tide Pools ~ Sexton

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