Thursday Afternoon Writer's Workshop at the Somers Library

Thursday Afternoon Writer's Workshop at the Somers Library
Thursdays, September 6 - December 13 (no class on 11/22)
Session I: 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Session II: 2:30 - 4:00 pm

You are welcome to join the Thursday Afternoon Writer's Workshop at Somers Library! You can expect our meetings to be comfortable gatherings designed to support and enhance your writing experience. The purpose of the workshop is to help writers create fresh material that may in time develop into fully polished work. Our workshops have their foundations in four elements:
* Everyone has a strong, unique voice
* Everyone has specific creative traits and talents
* Comments can be made to others without damaging a writer's artistic self esteem.
* You are free to respond to the work you hear in an objective mode such as a "critique" but not as a criticism."
Please respond to the readings by saying what you like, what stays with you and what moves you. But first, listen carefully and keep your comments focused on the writing. We always maintain confidentiality around the writing and never make assumptions about a writer's own life based on what he or she has written. Above all, let's enjoy our time together - we look forward to greeting you there! Space is limited. Please register on our online calendar for Session I herehere and for Session II herehere or call 914-232-5717. Register for only one session, please!
Our programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library through your donations. Thanks for your support!
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