Maloney Votes to Protect Students and Reject DeVos’ Giveaway to Predatory, For-Profit Colleges

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) voted to reject Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ elimination of student loan borrower protections and rollback of safeguards preventing low-quality schools from scamming students, veterans and taxpayers. The resolution, H.J. Res. 76, will block DeVos’ new Borrower Defense Rule from going into effect, and prevent students enrolled in for-profit colleges from falling victim to fraud. Under the DeVos rule, defrauded borrowers can be denied relief even in cases when predatory schools clearly violate the law.

“Students and their families shouldn’t have to worry their college is cheating them out of money and a quality education. Unlike Betsy Devos, who’s working to line the pockets of for-profit colleges, we’re fighting to protect students and crack down on the scams hundreds of thousands of students and taxpayers face from these predatory schools,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

In New York alone, 7,500 students are currently seeking relief because they were cheated by predatory colleges. Nationally, 240,000 defrauded borrowers are fighting for loan relief from the Department of Education.

In the coming months, House Democrats will take up the College Affordability Act, which (in addition to other priorities) will reduce the cost of college for students and families, streamline the student loan process, and crack down on predatory, for-profit higher education institutions that defraud students.