Soliciting Campaign throughout the Town of Somers

On July 3, 2018 Patricia Kalba, Town Clerk of the Town of Somers released the following letter:

Dear Somers Resident:

In light of the recent soliciting campaign throughout the Town of Somers, I thought I should reach out.

The Town of Somers currently has no Peddling and Soliciting Permits issued.

In order to Solicit within the Town an application must be completed and a background check must be initiated for each person. Once the applicant's background check is vetted a permit will be issued from my office.

Solicitors are issued a Badge from my office consisting of :

  • Town Seal
  • Permit Number
  • Permittee's Name
  • Company Name
  • Expiration date

On the opposite side of the Badge will be a picture of the Permittee.

If someone cannot produce that Badge to you, please immediately contact the New York State Police non-emergency number (914) 277-3651 and request that a Patrol Officer be sent your neighborhood.

Best regards,

Patricia Kalba, RMC

Town Clerk

Town of Somers


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