Recent Bear ISghtings Prompt DEC to Issue Guidelines to Avoid Conflict

Feed Pets Indoors, Secure Garbage, and Take Down Birdfeeders to Reduce Potential for Human-Bear Interactions

With recent sightings of bears in the Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties area, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos has encouraged all New Yorkers to take a few simple precautions to avoid conflicts with bears.

"DEC is receiving reports of bears roaming neighborhoods in several parts of upstate New York," Commissioner Seggos said. "We are encouraging New Yorkers to help reduce the potential for negative interactions with bears by removing the things bears find attractive like pet food and trash."

Summer is a busy time for bears. Young bears disperse from family groups, breeding bears search for mates, and all bears forage for food to gain the fat needed for winter. With this increased activity comes a greater potential for human-bear conflicts, when bears find food near people.

New Yorkers living in bear country, which includes much of upstate New York, are asked to take a few simple steps this summer to protect their communities and bears from harm:

  • Secure garbage indoors or a locked outbuilding until the morning of pickup;
  • Remove birdfeeders;
  • Clean grease from grills; and
  • Secure livestock food and don't feed pets outdoors.

For more information, please visit DEC's webpage on reducing human-bear conflicts.



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