How to Prepare Your Trees for a Summer Storm

When you think about your home, do you ever wonder what would happen if there were a strong storm? New York and Connecticut see their fair share of hurricanes and summer storms. A storm can cause significant damage if your trees aren't properly prepared, so it's important to take care of them now before the storm hits to protect you, your family, and your property!

Tree pruning is a crucial part of storm preparation. Trees that are too close to power lines may come down in high winds and cause outages or, worse, fires. You should check for any dead limbs or branches that could fall on your house during a storm. If you have trees near the roof, make sure they're healthy enough not only to withstand strong gusts but also not overhang the roofline too much - if a tree falls against your home's walls, it can cause significant damage and even lead to collapse.

Tree cabling is a solution for homeowners who want to give their trees extra support to help withstand strong summer storms. Cables provide an additional measure of strength and stability for your tree and can be an important investment in protecting your home from costly storm damage.

Tree removal will help keep your property safe and clean. It would be best if you took down any dead or dying trees. Trees that have seen better days may need to be removed from your yard before they fall over in this summer's storm season. However, it is important not to cut down any healthy trees. Don't just remove any tree, as some are still thriving despite their age or condition.

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