Black Bridge Motors Scholarships Bolstered By Launch of B3 Craft Ale

Harbor Bridge Academy is a STEAM-based educational initiative located in South Norwalk providing students with hands-on, real world skills and training in automotive and related technical areas of study. The Academy encourages teenagers with a will and aptitude to seek an alternative career path and readies them for entry into an industry in need of young science and technology-trained talent. The public is invited to take part in the scholarship fund by simply buying a pint of Black Bridge Brew (B3), a newly launched craft ale created in partnership with Thimble Island Brewing Company of Branford, on tap at participating restaurants in Connecticut from Greenwich to New Haven.

Adults can easily support Harbor Bridge Academy students by ordering a B3 craft ale at Saltwater restaurant and Our House in South Norwalk, Jack’s Steakhouse in New Haven, or Blackstones Steakhouse locations in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, and Southport. Connecticut State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff showed his support for the Academy when he attended the launch of B3 at Saltwater on Thursday, November 14. Proceeds from the sale of B3 go directly to the Harbor Bridge Academy scholarship fund to sponsor each class of Norwalk public high school students.

Scott Gilbert, owner of Black Bridge Motors in South Norwalk, developed Harbor Bridge Academy - now in its third year - to give students the academic and scientific background, hands-on training, and other skills needed to begin careers in an automotive industry predicted to grow by 50,000 jobs by 2026. With school budgets stretched to the limit, Harbor Bridge Academy provides a business focused, classroom environment for students who have shown an aptitude outside of traditional, college-based educational pathways and careers.

About Harbor Bridge Academy

Harbor Bridge Academy (HarborBridgeAcademy.com) was founded in 2016 to offer STEAM-based vocational educational programs to an underserved audience. Harbor Bridge Academy offers an accessible entry point to an industry in need of new talent for students showing aptitude and a strong interest in automotive and related technical careers. It is located at Black Bridge Motors in South Norwalk and offers scholarship programs to deserving students.


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