Food Rescue US Partners with 4-CT on Statewide COVID-19 Restaurant Meal Program

In order to support the growing number of food insecure individuals and families impacted by COVID-19 in Connecticut, Food Rescue US is partnering with 4-CT, a special relief fund that is endorsed by Gov. Ned Lamont and that was formed in response to COVID-19 to support Connecticut residents.

Support from 4-CT will enable Food Rescue US to expand their Restaurant Meal Program to provide for food insecure individuals and families throughout Fairfield County, Northwest Connecticut, New Haven, and West Hartford. 

"Hundreds of thousands of Connecticut families are struggling to find food to eat thanks to COVID-19. Food Rescue US is a leader in providing meals to those throughout the state who are most in need, and 4-CT is proud to support them in that effort." said Ted Yang, 4-CT Co-Founder and CEO. 

The Food Rescue US Restaurant Meal Program not only provides food to the hungry but also supports Connecticut restaurants at this time of critical need. Through the Restaurant Meal Program, Food Rescue US is purchasing individually packaged prepared meals from local restaurants that volunteer food rescuers then deliver to social service agencies that serve food insecure individuals and families, including those that have been recently unemployed and furloughed due to COVID-19. In New Haven, CT, Food Rescue US will be working with their affiliate nonprofit partner Haven’s Harvest to distribute the meals. 

“We, at Food Rescue US, are grateful to partner with 4-CT to be able to expand our Restaurant Meal Program”, said Carol Shattuck, Food Rescue US, CEO. “Our teams in Connecticut have adapted quickly to the changing food recovery landscape due to COVID-19 and have been key in feeding the growing number of food insecure individuals in their communities. It is a critical time at Food Rescue US as our work is now more important than ever.” 

With the support of 4-CT, Food Rescue US will be able to provide an additional 4 weeks’ worth of individual meals, benefiting countless individuals and families throughout Connecticut. If you are interested in supporting this program further, please contribute to Food Rescue US’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations can be made by visiting foodrescue.us and clicking the donate button.

About Food Rescue US

Food Rescue US, a national nonprofit organization, is a leader in reducing both hunger and food waste in America by connecting the vast amount of healthy, fresh surplus food with the critical hunger demand.  Through the use of its proprietary app, Food Rescue US provides the platform for volunteer food rescuers to directly transfer excess food from businesses to local social service agencies that feed the food insecure. By providing food that would otherwise be wasted and delivering it to the food insecure, Food Rescue US is keeping this wasted food from ending up in landfill where it decomposes, creating methane gas that warms the planet. Since 2011, Food Rescue US has helped launch food recovery communities in 26 locations across the country, providing more than 40 million meals and keeping over 55 million pounds of food out of landfills. For more information or to download the app, visit foodrescue.us, find us on Facebook @FoodRescueUS or follow us on Twitter @foodrescueUS.

About 4-CT 

Launched on April 1, 4-CT is an independent, 501(c)3 organization formed to bolster the resources available to Connecticut’s frontline nonprofit providers who are serving all areas impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  4-CT provides financial support to ensure their services can meet increased demand and make a positive impact.

Interested donors can visit 4-ct.org to learn more and to make a contribution to 4-CT.


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