Westport Farmers’ Market, Fleishers Craft Butchery Present the Film, Unbroken Ground: Revolutions Start from the Bottom

The Westport Farmers’ Market and Fleishers Craft Butchery have joined to sponsor the film, Unbroken Ground: Revolutions Start from the Bottom, at the Fairfield Theater Company, Monday evening, November 6.

Unbroken Ground was created by Patagonia Provisions and explores the critical role food plays in climate change. Directed by Chris Malloy, the film tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development, and restorative fishing.

“So much of our food is produced in a way that reduces biodiversity, kills the soil, and contributes to climate change,” said Lori Cochran-Dougall, executive director of the Westport Farmers’ Market, co-sponsor of the film. “This important film examines how our food choices are directly related to the role of climate change.”

The WFM has joined with Fleishers – a company that shares its philosophy of constantly searching for the best choices in food production – to bring the film to a Connecticut audience. “We’re really excited about presenting this film with the Westport Farmers’ Market,” said Sam Garwin, Butcher and CEO of Fleishers. “Unbroken Ground perfectly captures our own mission in aiming to create a positive change in the way people source, cut, and cook meat. Our vision is an alternative food system with the highest standards in quality, ethics, and transparency.”

Patagonia, long known for its commitment to the environment through clothing and related products, expanded into food as an extension of its mission. It produced this film to spark discussion of the relationship between food and the environment. According to the company: “We believe there is an opportunity and urgent need for positive change in the food industry. With Patagonia Provisions, our goals are the same as with everything we do: make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most importantly, inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.”

The screening will be held at the Fairfield Theater Company and tickets are only $5.00. Refreshments will be provided by Patagonia Provisions, Fleishers Craft Butchery, and Fairfield Cheese Company, with beer samples provided by Black Hog Brewing. A discussion will follow, and all proceeds benefit the Westport Farmers’ Market. Tickets are available at https://fairfieldtheatre.org/shows/stageone/unbroken-ground  


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