Chowdafest's Taste of Summer Clambakes To-Go Prove Popular

The inaugural “Taste of Summer” effort by Chowdafest on June 21 was almost as brilliant as the weather. Hundreds of avid Chowdafest fans participated in the curbside clambake held at the Westport Hub on 50 Charles Street in Westport. People traveled form all over to pick-up this novel treat.

People were terrific following the pandemic guideline for safety, staying in their cars, having their tickets available through their windows, wearing masks and making two lines for their pick-up making things quick and easy.

“I was truly impressed on not only how good people were in following instructions but how excited they were to be part of everything” said Jim Keenan who is responsible for Chowdafest. “Our goal was to bring a little sunshine to everyone's summer this year but they ended up bringing a little sunshine to ours by how excited they were about the clambake to go” he continued.

To make the clambake more special, Polar Beverages gave complimentary cans of summertime flavored seltzers, Cabot's Creamery provided butter for the lobster, clams, mussels, potatoes and corn on the cob. Sam Adams made quite the impression providing a novel 2-pack of beer per meal to both steam the clambake from and to toast your Dad on Father's Day. Special thanks goes to sponsors Aitoro's Appliance and Knot Norms of Norwalk that provided lobster bibs, lobster tools and wet naps. Copp's Island Oysters participated by keeping everything cold for this effort while the Friends of Sherwood Island volunteered and wished everyone a happy Father's Day during pick-up.

The Taste of Summer is sponsored by Aitoro Appliances, Cabot Creamery, CCO Habitats, Copp's Island Oysters, Dunvilles of Westport, Friends of Sherwood Island, Knot Norm's, Polar Beverages, Sam Adams and The Westport Hub.


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