Norwalk Launches City-Wide Digital Initiative to Help Promote Local Events

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling today announced the launch of a City-Wide event discovery platform to create easier access to government, non-profit, and school calendar information for residents and visitors.

The effort is being launched in partnership with a free web service and iPhone App that streams all local non-profit, government and school calendar information for the City.

“Norwalk is an active community with many events happening all the time. Residents have expressed an interest in participating in these wonderful events and some could use some help with organizing their calendars to be sure that they don’t miss out,” said Mayor Rilling.  “This initiative brings local event communication into the digital age and is part of our initiative to build digital innovation into everything we do in Norwalk.” “The free service should make it easier for residents, especially parents who have children in different schools and who participate in different activities to organize their calendars. Since not for profits may add their events with the free service, I expect that many residents will be pleased with the options.’s free service allows users to create a personal event feed. Users may follow Norwalk groups of interest, add events to their digital calendar, and be notified when events change. Users decide their preference about how to receive the notifications and may choose the free web service, iPhone app, and Alexa Skill. 

“Burbio’s mission is to build community and civic engagement through technology and easy access to information,” said Julie Roche, Burbio co-founder. “While digital innovations have changed so many ways we live our focus is building a great media platform for communication about local events which is an area that has been poorly served. Norwalk’s combination of dynamic civic life, great attractions, and vibrant business community makes it a great partner.”

“This initiative by Norwalk brings the concept of Smart Cities to event automation,” said Elizabeth Stocker, Norwalk’s Economic Development Director. “It’s a great example of a City taking what could be a problem for busy residents – events are everywhere and hard to track – and turning it into both a great service and a source of competitive strength.”

Calendar administrators can use Burbio to share their events via email, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn in one click - the easiest way to promote their important events to the community through social media.