City of Norwalk installs sailboat shaped bike rack in Pinkney Park!

Exciting news: In partnership with the Sixth Taxing District, the City of Norwalk installed a brand-new bike rack in the shape of a sailboat in Pinkney Park located at 177 Rowayton Avenue!

This new installation was modeled after the Rowayton Civic Association’s emblem of a sailboat which can be found in this Norwalk community. The Rowayton Civic Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1911 and services the community with programs, events and community initiatives. The sailboat bike rack is a great representation of the hard work the Rowayton Civic Association does for the community. Through this bike rack, we hope more people choose to ride their bikes and walk as it increases mobility to support physical and mental health and is better for the environment!

For more information about the Rowayton Civic Association, please visit https://www.rowaytoncivicassociation.org/about. 


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