Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department Creates Kayak and Paddle Board Storage Racks at Calf Pasture Beach

Due to the popularity of trial storage racks at Calf Pasture Beach, the Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department has built additional units for kayaks and paddle boards.

The units were built entirely in-house by Recreation and Parks staff. The first two were made in May 2018 on a trial basis, and the slots filled up almost immediately. As a result, Recreation and Parks built three more over the last two weeks.

“Calf Pasture Beach is one of the finest locations in all of Connecticut, and the innovative features are just one reason why,” said Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling. “Spending time out on the water is a great form of exercise and provides a unique view of the Norwalk coast. The Recreation and Parks team showed tremendous leadership in taking this project on and offering a new service to our residents.”

Each rack holds a total of eight kayaks or paddle boards, which are safely secured with a chain and padlock. Each slot, only available to Norwalk residents, costs $150 for the season. The 40 slots currently built are all claimed, with dozens of residents on a waitlist until more are created.

“The storage racks are a great asset for those looking to head out into the water, but don’t want to keep transporting their kayak or paddle board to and from the beach,” said Ken Hughes, Acting Director of Norwalk Recreation and Parks. “We want to have our parks and beaches be as inviting and user-friendly as possible, and this is just one of the many amenities we can offer our residents.”

To keep up with demand, Recreation and Parks plans to build at least three more racks for the start of the 2019 season. For more information, or to be placed on a waitlist, please call Norwalk Recreation and Parks at (203) 854-7806.


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