Connecticut of the Office of the Arts Partners with Arts Council of Greater New Haven for Arts Workforce Initiative Scholarship Opportunity

The Connecticut of the Office of the Arts has partnered with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven to pilot a sponsorship program to support projects and event initiatives by young urban creatives. The sponsorship is a grant where applicants can apply for up to $1,000 so long as their project will take place within 90 days of the time they submit their application.
This program is part of the Office of the Arts' young creative professional development programming and is an extension of the Arts Workforce Initiative which was created to serve creative professionals between the ages of 18-40. 
The Arts Workforce Initiative Sponsorship program follows a year-long period of professional development workshops, including the READI Music Conference, READI NOW Master class series, and READI Talks, targeted at this audience and designed to foster sustainable creative entrepreneurship in our cities. It is an outgrowth of the Office of the Arts Urban Artist Initiative.
The sponsorship program targets young urban creatives within the 18-40 demographic that reside or will have projects within the following cities:
New Haven
New London
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. 
To apply or to learn more, you can visit the following links:
For more information, click here.
To apply, click here.


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