"A Slug's Life" Exhibit Extended Through Labor Day and Voting Ends May 14 in Related Contest at The Maritime Aquarium

“A Slug’s Life: Facing the Climate Endgame,” a unique special exhibit that blends live animals and art to warn about climate change, is being extended to remain open through Labor Day (Sept. 6) at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

Plus, voting ends this Friday, May 14 in an online photo contest inspired by the exhibit.

“A Slug’s Life: Facing the Climate Endgame” originally was to close June 13. But Aquarium spokesman Dave Sigworth said the exhibit continues to fascinate guests.

“We’ve never presented an exhibit that incorporates multiple media like this, and we remain excited about how the animals, sculptures and photography work together to craft a powerful message,” said Aquarium spokesman Dave Sigworth. “The art helps to call attention to the creatures and, we hope, will inspire actions to protect the creatures and their natural reef habitats from such threats as climate change, ocean warming and ocean acidification.”

Stars of the exhibit are nudibranchs, a group of mollusks known for their striking forms and brilliant colors. Displayed are several species of live nudibranchs, as well as other live mollusks in diverse shapes and sizes – some with shells, some without – including sea hares, conchs, abalone, giant clams and Indo-Pacific snails.

In addition to the live animals, the exhibit features more than a dozen nudibranchs depicted in large onyx and marble sculptures by Gar Waterman of New Haven, as well as nudibranch portraits by photographers from all around the world, including Gordon Tillen (the Philippines), Keith Ellenbogen (New York City), Kevin Lee (California), Alicia Hermosilla (Mexico), Jim Anderson (Scotland) and Emanuel Gonçalves (Portugal).

Nudibranch Photo Contest

Inspired by the portraits, the Aquarium is hosting an online Nudibranch Photo Contest open to anyone who wanted to submit an eye-catching nudibranch picture. Online voting ends this Friday, May 14. The nudibranch photo with the most votes wins a one-year membership to any aquarium or zoo in the U.S accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Plus, the top 5 vote-getters will be displayed in the exhibit.

View the 34 entries – and vote – at www.maritimeaquarium.org/nudibranch-photo-contest.

“A Slug’s Life: Facing the Climate Endgame” is free with admission.

Learn more about the Aquarium’s exhibits, educational programs and conservation efforts at www.maritimeaquarium.org.


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