New mission-aligned partnerships elevate the complete guest experience at The Maritime Aquarium

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is elevating its complete guest experience by integrating the Tessitura ticketing and membership platform and SSA Group’s food services, while also bringing these key operations into alignment with the Aquarium’s mission of environmental conservation.

With the two new partnerships, the Aquarium improves the interactions that occur before, after and in between the memorable animal encounters. Guests will find it easier to buy tickets, manage memberships and make donations, while also choosing from a new menu of sustainably sourced, made-to-order foods served through easy mobile ordering.

“These new partnerships with Tessitura and SSA Group reflect our commitment to our guests. We want to ensure our guests have a world-class experience not just when they arrive at the Aquarium and enjoy our amazing exhibits, but when they first see us online, visit our website, buy their tickets, order a meal, or make a donation,” said Jason Patlis, President and CEO of The Maritime Aquarium.

“These partnerships also help us deliver on our mission to inspire people to appreciate and protect Long Island Sound and the ocean,” Patlis said. “Through Tessitura and the new customer interface, we become more accessible and can more easily accommodate special needs. Through SSA Group and our new café offerings and catering, we are not only providing sustainable, locally sourced food options, but we are also improving all aspects of the café, including purchasing, preparation, service, disposal, and recycling to ensure a more sustainable operation. And, on top of that, the food is absolutely delicious!”  


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